Interview Lina Timm

How did the last year turn out for the media industry, what conclusion can be drawn? Of course, I can only speak for my specialty, innovations. In my opinion, the media landscape has become even more divided. There are those who have coped well because they have already built up innovation know-how and capacities over […]

Interview Laura Lewandowski

You’re a journalist, mentor, podcaster and entrepreneur. What kind of work is shaping your day-to-day life right now? Laura: I’m still in a creator mode, and I’ve also found that I really enjoy it and that it’s a great strength of mine. Specifically, I’m still busy writing the newsletter, preparing the podcast, and pushing my […]

Key elements of an investor pitch deck

Convincing an investor to give you money is never easy, especially for an early-stage startup with little experience. Too often, founders erroneously think that they need to show a “better” product than the other products on the market. Worse, they assume that it’s all about the “quality” of a presentation and not the content (it’s […]

BREAKING NEWS: CF member mikan receives an investment of 200,000 EUR

Date: July 09th, 2021 We are proud that mikan – a member of CAMPUS FOUNDERS, by the way – was able to reach such a significant milestone. In the interview, we asked mikan what inspired them to found the start-up and what they plan to do with their investment of 200,00 EURO Describe your company […]

Crucial values for founders – interview with Christoph Raethke

In the interview Christoph Raethke we have talked about the Startup scene and about values that are crucial for founders. As a founder, investor, author and lecturer, Christoph has been one of the driving forces in the German startup ecosystem since 1999. Thank you very much for the insightful interview. How is the startup scene […]

How strong B2C marketing works with little money

Author: Tim Lampe || Source: Startup || Date: May 06th, 2021 Startup founding made easy: Here’s how to do strong B2C marketing on a shoestring budget. “Our product is so rad, it sells on word of mouth alone.” How often have I heard this sentence. And how often have I contradicted it: To grow […]