CF Venture Studio – best services and pre-seed investment for your startup, backed by an experienced team.

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For early-stage startups, the CF Venture Studio offers you the ideal opportunity to get access to support and services to move your project forward and receive a launch investment in an uncomplicated and hands-on way. We support you acting like your co-founder with the experience of a serial entrepreneur.

Within a year you will achieve extraordinary progress, generate first traction in the market, and become attractive for follow-up investors. 


In one of Germany’s most dynamic and economically strongest regions, your startup is perfectly positioned in the best environment for a successful market entry. A vibrant startup ecosystem with investors for all startup life cycles.

The pre-seed funding is your opportunity to raise smart money to really focus on your startup. In addition, your team will receive intensive support from the CF Startup Consultants and Mentors, e.g. in the definition of the problem/solution fit, the product/market fit as well as in the preparation of further financing rounds. We provide the interface to get your team connected to relevant corporates. The goal is to get first market traction and achieve follow-on financing by other investors within a year.

PHASE I – Get the 1st tranche of the Pre-Seed Investment

After successfully completing the application, your startup will receive:

  • The first portion of the investment to enable your startup to finance the initial expenses.
  • Access to the Campus Lab at Campus Founders. The Campus Lab is the perfect environment where you and your team can work full time on your concept. Developing and completing the next steps in your journey towards success.
  • Access to the Campus Founders extensive startup network. A community full of knowledge and expertise.
  • Access to consultants and mentors while developing and iterating your product to ensure a warm reception in the market for your prototype.

Through positive feedback, achievement of milestones, and critical market feedback you will move on to phase 2 to further accelerate your startup.

Phase II – Become Investor-Ready and get the 2nd tranche of the Pre-Seed Investment

You and your team have successfully passed the Quality Gate. Now it’s time to speed up your take off.

The goal – to win your first customers and to prepare yourself and your team optimally for attracting a follow-up investment.

  • Get the second investment and create traction for your business
  • Access to startup services (e.g. marketing, HR recruiting)
  • Preparation & access to investors



These members of the Investment Committee have many years of national and international experience in what makes a startup successful and what it takes to convince investors. You will not only benefit from this experience in the honest evaluation of your startup’s progress, but you can also rely on them as mentors during the program. They also bring their network to established companies to open the doors for you and your team to make initial customer connections.

A trusting, transparent cooperation is the best foundation.

Entrepreneur, Business Angel & Startup Ecosystem Evangelist OLIVER HANISCH CEO Campus Founders
Serial founder of about 50 companies. Former president of the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and co-founder of ZFHN. GÜNTER STEFFEN MD Born2Grow & FOND MANAGER ZFHN
Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years executive and technology experience in Silicon Valley JENS HORSTMANN MD Crestlight Venture Productions
Serial Social Entrepreneur and pitched own startup at DHDL, coached over 60+ Startups KONSTANTIN NEUMANN Program Manager Seed Investment


To qualify for CF Venture Studio engagement, your startup should meet the following criteria:

  • Innovative and technology-based business idea
  • Already be founded or created within the scope of the investment
  • A founding team with diverse or interdisciplinary backgrounds. No solo entrepreneurs
  • As a minimum requirement, a first iteration of a prototype, mockup, or product. Best case developed by the team.
  • Entity based in Baden-Württemberg, ideally Heilbronn-Franconia.

We are in it together, we want you to become successful as well because then we succeed.

Does your startup meet these requirements? Then apply now!

Do you still have some questions? Feel free to contact us!

Konstantin Neumann

Program Manager Seed Investment

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About us

CF Venture Studio is part of the Campus Founders organization whose mission is to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators with a sustainable and open mindset and foster the startup ecosystem of Heilbronn Franken.

Founded as a GmbH, CF Venture Studio offers services that are directly linked to the non-profit offering of Campus Founders gGmbH. Within the framework of venture production, startups are supported from the very beginning. We define success for us when portfolio startups succeed in obtaining follow-up financing and collecting “fresh” money. Thus, the investments made by Venture Studio are not intended to maximize profits, but to maximize the positive impact on startup activities in the regional ecosystem.

What additional advantages does the CF Venture Studio offer?

The Venture Studio is not a pure investor but acts as a kind of “CoFounder” and thus also provides support in all operational tasks. Our company network also opens up excellent opportunities for possible market tests.

I'm a solo entrepreneur. Can you help me find a co-founder?

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