The future viability of the companies in the Heilbronn-Franken region is close to our hearts, especially the so-called “Mittelstand” and “Hidden Champions”.

Our goal – Corporate Co-Innovation by the development of an innovation culture and entrepreneurial thinking for established companies.

With our Corporate Co-Innovation program, we support corporates by building up the knowledge base and mindset of entrepreneurial thinking among employees, getting started to initiate internal or external co-innovation processes and the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit within a company.

Our services:

  • Intrapreneurship Programs
  • Knowledge transfer for access to innovative startups or entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Leadership Programs for HR & Innovation Teams

In our Corporate Lab, we develop co-innovation programs for established, innovative companies in the Heilbronn-Franken region. An example of a successful program format is the Corporate Campus Challenge.

AUDI AG, IDS IMAGING DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS GMBH, and GreenCycle Stiftung GmbH & CO KG partnered with us for the first Corporate Campus Challenge 2019/20 and on Jan 16, 2020, we were proud to present the final pitches.

Our partners benefited with their participation from:

  • Access to external innovation impulses
  • Get in contact with smart students from the HHN, TUM Heilbronn and DHBW around the education campus
  • Have a best-case-project for internal communication to support the development of an entrepreneurial mindset among employees.
  • Present your company as innovative thinking¬† and acting company

Register now for the participation of your company for the next CORPORATE CAMPUS CHALLENGE 2020/21!

“We bring together local and international talent with the most innovative companies in the region and together they¬† collaborate, co-create and co-innovate and build something great.”

“Students have completely different ideas than long-term employees of a company”


Oliver @ Campus Founders


He’s not 0nly our CEO, but also a specialist for Entrepreneurial Creation at Campus Founders. His many years of experience in entrepreneurship are reflected in our programs. His goal is to build a network between established companies and young start-ups. Do you have an idea to contribute your company here? Then contact us now!

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