Future makers watch out. Here we specifically teach an entrepreneurial mindset and train the innovators and founders of tomorrow with “entrepreneurial skills”.

Those who are interested in founding a company will learn everything they need to know to set up a successful start-up. But innovators who are interested in entrepreneurial methods and future skills are also in the right place here.

Methods such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Rapid Prototyping are the basis for success, whether as a founder or in professional life, as are future skills such as the use of digital technologies or problem-solving. We focus on the perfect mix of theory and practice. Our motto is: Stop talking and start doing.

Anyone can learn to act like an entrepreneur. We rely on the perfect mix of theory and practice, teach the relevant methods, and apply them to concrete cases and real challenges in business.


The focus is also on mindset change. The motivation to found a start-up is therefore not a prerequisite for participation. The offer is open to anyone who wants to know more. The aim is to gain valuable experience with a high learning and fun factor. Participants learn innovation methods such as design thinking and lean startup and create something new together. They develop ideas and create prototypes in interdisciplinary teams. Discussions are held at eye level, the status quo is constantly challenged.

Experienced coaches and experts accompany the participants. The focus is on trying things out in a safe environment. Fears disappear and barriers fall. The path to starting a business is paved.


We want to inspire people to become founders themselves. We encourage people and show them that this path is viable. As a basis for this, we strengthen the competencies of the participants in future-oriented methods. We also offer them a protected space to learn, try out and create.

In this way, we create confidence in their own ideas and their own creative power. The focus is also on imparting a new entrepreneurial mindset. For us, this is the most important prerequisite for the value-oriented construction of our future.

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