Online Event
Wednesday until Friday 5-6:30 pm with Amber Riedl

About the workshop:

This three part workshop will guide you through the ground work needed to develop a truly awesome brand. Beginning at the start with fundamental questions about Why, What, how and for Whom – you will get to know your brand in a different way – it’s uniqueness, it’s personality, it’s audience, in order to correctly position your company in your competitive landscape and craft powerful and unique messages and communication assets.

Using the frameworks of the Golden Circle from Simon Sinek, Gibbons’ Branding Pyramid, Unilever’s Brand Key, the first workshop will focus on Brand Heart.

From here we will move into the second workshop on personality and positioning, looking at Brand Personality and Voice, Brand Archetypes, Personas and Competitive Landscape, and will complete the series with a third workshop on Messaging, where we can take what we did in part 1 and 2 and use this to develop Pillars of Brand messaging, Owned Keywords and Concept Summary.

You will get access to these templates in Notion, and can work alongside to craft your own Brand Guidelines

About our expert:

Amber Riedl is a serial entrepreneur in the digital media space and Co-Founder of Makerist – Europe’s largest crafting platform. She currently works as a consultant on branding, marketing, community building and sustainability, focusing on family and personal growth and in -depth climate learning while on sabbatical in Vancouver and Vienna.

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