Online Event
With Martin Giese – in English

Concept of the Class:

The workshop covers the essence of the Harvard negotiation concept applied to the startup — investor context. It uses a mixture of theory, and interactive exercises. Participants will learn an actionable framework plus many tips for preparation and the core process of negotiations. Partipants will negotiate a four player negotiation roleplay between Founder, CEO candidate, Corporate Investor, VC Roleplays.

  • Theory based on Harvard negotiation concept
  • interactive exercises to be prepared for the next meeting with investors

About the Workshop Host:

Martin Giese was Managing Director of the Munich-based deeptech incubator XPRENEURS and is the author of the books “Startup-Finanzierung” (2020) and “Fast Forward – Accelerating B2B Sales for Startups”. Based on his MPA (Harvard) and MSc (MIT Sloan), Martin has 20 years of experience of teaching negotiation workshops at Harvard Law School, CDTM (every semester since 2000), the MIT Delta V Accelerator, the Frankfurt School of Management & Finance and the TU Munich ExecMBA.. Martin has extensive business experience as management consultant in the startup, VC and PE area (4 years) and corporate manager (13 years, up to Managing Director of 1.700 employees at Vodafone) and more than 10 years of experience as business angel (Kinexon, Wappier, Orbem, Spyra, Engflow, etc.). He finished repeatedly in the Top 5 of “Goldene Nase”-award for the Business Angel of the Year by BAND e.V. based on nominations by his investments.

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