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Startup Masterclass with Frank Smallegange – in english

A pitch is a short presentation in which you present an idea, product or in this case yourself to potential customers, clients, employers and … the world in general. The challenge is to get this message across in a short time. To give a pitch the maximum impact it is important to give your message a clear structure and then deliver this in such a way that your audience gets it.

What to expect

In this Masterclass I will help you to look at your message from a lot of different angles. This will lead to a solid base for your pitch which you can play with in order to make it suit any audience.

My vision on presenting is that you can only learn this by doing it (preferably a lot). This is reflected in my workshops. During the workshop you will be working a lot in pairs to try new stuff out and find what works for you.

I’m looking forward to learn to know you and make sure the rest of the world will as well.

We would like to introduce our expert – About Frank Smallegange

Frank is the pitch coach for (technical) start-ups. He is on the one hand trained as a chemical engineer and has extensive work experience as a designer and builder in IT. On the other hand he is a master of improvisation and storytelling . For this, he took courses from Las Vegas to Berlin. This combination makes that he understands what a pitch is about and he can show you how to engage an audience.

This is what Edwin van der Heide from McNetiq said about Franks pitch coaching: “Frank saw the presentation skills I had already in me and showed me how to use them. Which gave me a lot of confidence”

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