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Community Study Tour

Community Study Tour “Hinterland Of Things 2020”

Event on 12/13.2.20 in Lokschuppen Bielefeld

Event ticket incl. transfer in the Campus Founders Bus. Hotel contingent is available.


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What to expect

The Hinterland of Things on 13 February 2020 has developed into one of the leading start-up and innovation conferences in recent years. The event offers an extraordinary day with great leaders of the economy, medium-sized businesses, the start-up scene, leading politicians, top investors and press representatives from all over the world. There will be a variety of captivating speakers, including Daniel Kirchert, Co-Founder and CEO of Byton.

We invite a small but select group of people to join us on this first study tour in the new year and participate in the conference together. The ticket gives each participant access to the Hinterland Stage, Exhibition, Pitch Area and the Connecting Lounge. Further information can be found here.

Technology shapes our future.

And entrepreneurs around the world are shaping technology.

Get exclusive access to Germany’s DeepTech innovation family.


Discover with us how deep-tech solutions based on IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain already influence how we produce, how we travel, how we manufacture goods, how we reach for the stars or travel to Mars – based on Innovation Made in Europe by newly founded start-ups and established companies alike!

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We have rented a bus to bring all participants from the campus in Heilbronn to Bielefeld. Only a limited number of paid parking spaces are available at the campus. The cost of the trip is included.


In the hotel STAYERY we have reserved a contingent (single room = 69,- € / double room = 89,- €) to guarantee a common accommodation of our group. The bus will drive to this hotel. More information about the accommodation can be found at Hotel Stayery.

Every participant is free to book in this or any other hotel. If you choose another hotel individually, you are responsible for the organization/booking as well as for the journey from the Hotel STAYERY to your own hotel or to the conference.

HinterLand of Things Tickets

Ticket costs (guaranteed till Fr, 31.01.20):

Corporate Leader & Investor

Conference ticket including bus ride: only 499,- Euro


Startup Founder/CEO

Conference ticket including bus ride: only 99,- Euro

Please note, from 01.02.20 the official ticket prices will increase!

All other people who are interested in a ticket must apply directly to the organizer Hinterland Of Things Tickets. With a valid ticket, you can ride on our bus as well.


12.02.20 / 14:30 hrs

LET’S GO / Meeting point Campus Lab (1. floor, Forum) Bildungscampus 1, Heilbronn.

12.02.20 / around evening


Arrival at the hotel STAYERY, Bielefeld, and dinner together (own expenses).

13.02.20 / 8.30 – 18:00 hrs


Ticket includes: “Your conference ticket gives you access to our backstage, the Founders Foundation Lounge, the Pitch Stage, the exhibition, the Food and Drink Area and the Conference Party. We may also offer master classes, more information will follow. In addition, you can use the city buses and trams free of charge throughout the day. You will also receive an email with a special code for a free ride on the TIER-scooter.

Also you will get access to our matchmaking app.”

13.02.20 / 18:00 hrs


After the end of the conference (around 6 pm) we drive back to Heilbronn. Bus ride ends at the Bildungscampus Heilbronn.

Would you like to participate in the first COMMUNITY STUDY TOUR?

Organized by our partner the Founders Foundation, we can offer you the last limited tickets for this unique event including bus transfer.

Apply right now here.

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If you have any questions about the Community Study Tour or Campus Founders Community in general, please send me a message. I will get in touch with you.

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