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On October 25, more than 70 participants met for the kickoff of the Corporate Campus Challenge. 15 teams took up the challenges from Audi, IDS and Greencycle and have since worked intensively on their ideas and solutions.

The Graduation Day with the grand finale of the pitches and award ceremony takes place on 16.01.20. An expert jury will critically evaluate the individual pitches and select the best teams. Afterwards they can celebrate participants at the Get-Together with Beats & Cocktails in the new Space of the Campus Founders, the Campus Lab.

The winning team can look forward to a membership* in the new CAMPUS LAB of the Campus Founders as well as a follow-up program in order to support them on their way to become a startup.



Audi AG
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
GreenCycle Stiftung GmbH & CO KG


Digital logistics and production processes

Challenge Objective

Development of a low-cost retrofit solution for a standard rack in the automotive industry to measure fill levels and enable automated reordering. The solution should work for different types of goods (e.g. bulk and single parts).

Company Portrait

Audi in Neckarsulm stands for the customer-specific production of premium vehicles. In addition to the R8 super sports car, which is manufactured in a small series at the Audi Boellinger Hoefe factory, the Neckarsulm plant also produces large-volume vehicles such as A4 sedan, A5 convertible, A6, A7, and A8. Perfected logistics and production processes digitally supported by intelligent IT systems enable the production of up to 2 trillion different equipment variants in one line. Together with the Production Department, new technologies and vehicle concepts for the future “Vorsprung durch Technik” are being developed at the Lightweight Design Center and Fuel Cell Competence Center of Technical Development. With products such as the “e-tron GT”, which will be manufactured at the site from 2020, Audi Neckarsulm is strengthening its position as a factory for innovative premium products within the Volkswagen Group.


Some parts in automotive production are not managed within JIS/JIT or pearl-chain systems. Here, workers check rack fill levels and reorder on demand. Late checks might trigger production stops while too frequent checks are costly.

Field of application

Fitting solutions could be beneficial not only for automotive but any logistics-intense industry and facilitate digitalization in logistics.

Use of artificial intelligence with autonomous industrial cameras

Challenge Objective

Development of a business model for the B2B market and technical implementation, using an IDS NXT rome or IDS NXT rio with neural networks. Possible application areas:  Industry (robotics, quality control in real-time, etc.), medical technology, environment, Smart City, care…

Company Portrait

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is an ambitious, medium-sized company with 300 employees and headquarter in Obersulm, Germany. As an owner-managed, independent, German high-tech family business, IDS is now one of the leading manufacturers of digital industrial cameras.

Introduction Technology

Image processing and image recognition are becoming more and more important in the digitized world. Robots use image processing to recognize how and where to pick up a part in a box. In medical technology, cameras for the detection of diseases are just as indispensable as in other areas for the return of bottles, the detection of faces or errors in production. IDS has been supplying industrial cameras in these areas for over 20 years and is now launching new products to meet the needs of the future.

Artificial intelligence comprises self-learning algorithms that are progressing rapidly during the past few years. In particular brain-inspired artificial neural networks (ANN) seem a promising technology to transfer human expertise into a machine. This can be achieved very similar to human learning: by providing the ANN with example images.

With the IDS NXT rio and IDS NXT rome industrial cameras, IDS launches a platform capable of running these extensive algorithms on-board in real-time. Whether the camera becomes the eyes and brains of a robot or a medical assistant only depends on the training of the uploaded ANN. Users can choose from ready-to-run applications while experts can extend the functionality by developing their own. Thanks to this app-based principle, the camera is as flexible as a smartphone.

Spectrum of detection

Read codes, characters or number plates, recognize faces, anomalies or scratches on surfaces or find, measure, count or identify objects and much more.

Fields of application

Wherever it makes sense to use neural networks with an “autonomous camera”: For boring, repetitive tasks where trained employees make decisions within seconds, industries with spatial restrictions or bandwidth bottlenecks, acquired data – which is checked but not analyzed to add value and wherever an additional computer is not desirable or possible.

For the Challenge, IDS provides

Depending on requirements, an IDS NXT rio or IDS NXT rome as a rental item during the challenge, including software. Also coaches from the AI and the IDS NXT area will support you with the necessary know-how to use such a camera.

Making business trips CO2 neutral

Challenge Objective

In 2017, traffic was the second largest cause of CO2 emissions in Germany with 170 million tons. Business travel again accounts for 23% of all travel in Germany, with an annual expenditure of around 54 billion euros. The Schwarz Group, the parent company of GreenCycle, itself owns around 25,000 vehicles, which travel around 30,000 kilometers per year/per car, and other forms of transport such as airplanes, trains, etc. are also used.  We are interested in how to make these business trips CO2 neutral.

Company Portrait:

GreenCycle is a leading global waste management company and an innovation driver for technologies, systems and processes in the areas of materials and energy management, environmental services and logistics solutions within the Schwarz Group from Neckarsulm. The company was founded in 2009 and today manages with its subsidiary PreZero Wertstoffmanagement about 4 million tons of recyclables per year. GreenCycle is a subsidiary of the Schwarz Group, the largest retailer in Europe with an annual turnover of approx. 105 billion €.


There are no limits to creativity in this challenge. Whether a digital or a hardware solution is used. In principle, however, it should look flexible, scalable and not focused on the Schwarz Group.


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