Batch #1 starts 24.04.20

NEW – Batch #1 starts 24.04.20

Kick-off event: Datathon weekend 24.04.-26.04.20

Demo Day: Sat, 06.06.20

Venue Kick-off: Your digital device! This program will be held virtually because of the current situation. So, get digitally involved and engage actively.

Update: Deadline for applications has expired

What awaits you

You like to doubt the status quo. You like challenges and you are convinced that you can offer better solutions with your skills than those currently in use?

The Data Factory offers you the opportunity to tackle the challenge of the largest retail company in Europe. The Schwarz Group, with its retail brands Lidl and Kaufland, is constantly testing new methods and approaches. One particular challenge is to identify out-of-shelf situations at an early stage.

This challenge is aimed at all those who have a soft spot for business intelligence, data science, “hardware techies”, IT specialists, coder at heart or who want to search for treasures in the huge sea of real-time data.

Especially in the current situation, each of us can see what it means when supermarket shelves are left empty. It is particularly important for customer satisfaction to prevent out-of-shelf situations in the stores.

You believe that you can solve this challenge. Then show us that your team can develop solutions that are better than the status quo! And the best thing is: Even after this program, the solution you develop belongs to you alone!

So how does it all work?

The first competition of the Data Factory Challenge is the Datathon from 24.04 to 26.04.2020. Here, image data is made available to analyze out-of-shelf situations.

We invite the best teams of the Datathon to conquer the next stage of this challenge. Here you get the opportunity to improve your approaches based on further data sets.

No matter if hardware or software. In this 6-week follow-up program we help you to build a functional prototype that can compete with solutions from the real world.

For the grand finale you can show what you can do. On our Demo Day on 06.06.2020 we will see if your solution is really better than the status quo.

As already emphasized: Everything you create, develop and design as a team during the Data Factory Challenge is your intellectual property and belongs to you as a team! So get out of the quarantine rut and get to the Data Factory Challenge 2020.

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The Data Factory is split into two different challenges, which achieve different results. As a starting point for the Datathon from 24.04. – 26.04., data sets (image files) on products that are not in stock are provided.

At the end of the Datathon the best teams will be determined. For these teams, the data available until the Graduation Day of the Challenge (another 6 weeks) will remain available and will be additionally enriched by further data (volume & quantity data).

The teams will be accompanied by experienced coaches of the Campus Founders to lead them to outstanding results. For both challenges there will be a winning team at the end of the project.

Challenge 1

  • How could the existing data pool be used to optimize the analysis and future prediction of out-of-shelf situations in retail? How could additional supporting data be collected and made usable?

Expected Outcome

  • Conceptualization of the solution along with experimental models or validated mock-ups using the data provided and the outside data gathered for additional support as a result.

Challenge 2

  • This challenge focusses on the bakery part in a supermarket. How can the different products in the bakery shelf (bagel, bread rolls, apple turnover etc.) be identified and in a second step analysed in real-time, whether there is an out-of-stock situation (coming soon) and related measures need to be taken (e.g. prepare next round of bakery products)?

Expected Outcome

  • High fidelity prototype or interactive model which could be tested with the existing data and systems available-outcome.

The timeline (working time live sessions & offline)

Fri, 24.04.20 / 17:00 - Sun 21:00 / 15:30

Datathon Weekend

Sat, 16.05.20 / 16:30 - 21:00

Review Day

Sat, 06.06.20 / 16:30 - 21:00

Demo Day

What you bring to the table:

  • Initiative and proactiveness, in order to understand and find the Key Performance Indicators and potentially new data sources for competitor performance measurement
  • Motivation to create insights by integrating multiple data sources and construct them in smart ways for further data analysis and modeling
  • Experience in developing and implementing algorithms, designing data modeling processes
  • Experience in the field of Market Research, Data Mining and IT
  • Ability to collect and process data from hardware devices
  • First experiences with the processes and problems in the retail industry
  • The creative spirit and willingness to help with known expertise


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