Empower|2|Ideate on 13.-14.12.19


Our motto: No hard skills without soft skills! Apply now.

Venue: Hochschule Heilbronn – Campus Künzelsau, Reinhold-Würth-Hochschule

Daimlerstraße 35, Forum, Künzelsau, Baden Würtemberg, 74653

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What awaits you

With the Empower2Ideate Workshop we want to unfold your creativity, strengthen your creative confidence and enable you to identify human needs worth fulfilling. We want to empower you generating new approaches to a meaningful challenge.

The Empower2Ideate workshop will provide you the tools and mindset to make a meaningful and positive difference in other people’s lives. With the help of storytelling we want you to become an inspiring presenter who has an important message to say. A story your audience won‘t forget for long. Beyond that, our goal as Campus Founders is to provide a safe space where you can experiment, be yourself and unfold your creative potential to its best.

It’s our passion to design and offer you a lasting ideation workshop that equips you with the right tools and mindset to come up with radical, disruptive and meaningful ideas for your own next big thing.

Ideation Workshop @ Campus Founders

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn about different Ideation Techniques
  • Working on a Problem-Solution Fit
  • Stepping into the perspective of your user and create empathy
  • Hands-on Rapid Prototyping
  • Inspire by Storytelling

Your Challenge

In teams, we work on our challenge “Hack your Campus – What KIAU still lacks to become a cool city for students”, we develop ideas and build prototypes to find answers to exactly this challenge.

Your contact for more info

HHN Racing Campus Founders

The schedule for the event:

  • Fr., 13.12.19, 14:00 hrs – approx. 18:00 hrs, followed by networking with snacks & drinks
  • Sat., 14.12.19, 10:00 hrs – approx. 17:30 hrs

We are looking forward to creative days with you. So, apply here!

tim lampe @ campus founders


Do you have questions about the program? Or would you like to pitch your idea to Tim in advance?

Then write him a message and discuss the next steps.

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