Startup Creation  is the focus hereWe accompany startup teams on their journey as entrepreneurs through to successful market entry.  

Their focus is on support founders on their way to the foundation of a startup with methods and tools, coaching, mentorship and offering a creative space to work.

As a non-profit organization, we have no economic interest in promoting startups like accelerator programs usually  do. We accompany your team from the product development phase, prototyping and marketability testing to the start of operations. We call it the Entrepreneurial Journey. 




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You are looking for ideas, you are fascinated, which creative concepts arise in successful startups or you simply want to understand how young, innovative companies tick? 

Then our #GET_HUNGRY – Workshop (2 hours) is the right thing for you. Together we want to get to the bottom of the success of many startups and innovative companies Learn about methods and tools which made them become so successful and understand  which elements can be transferred to your challenges?  

Experience through the application and development of the application of certain methods in a team. 

Interested in participating?

Apply here



If you are looking for  “the business idea” or if you want to check out your idea is “the 100  M € Idea”? 

Then our Empower|2|Ideate Workshop (2-3 days) is a great start. Together as a team we brainstorm market opportunities  and use cases for your skills. We immediately put the sea of ​​big ideas through a short reality check and see which market opportunities might lead to a successful business. 

Finally, you work out a roadmap for your  next steps to a successful test in the market .

So, #get_creative and apply here .

julian @ campus founders


Test yourself as an entrepreneur. And maybe this is the launch of your own startup. We’ll show you how to take off.

Do you have an idea for a business model or an innovative product? Perfect! Then join our Empower|2|Xplore program to experience a first rendezvous with reality. You do not have an idea and still want to prove your doer mentality and get a whiff of startup air? We are so looking for you.

In the  8-week program, we offer you knowledge, methods, and tools to develop ideas, build and test business hypotheses by collecting data with potential customers. The challenge is to identify a real problem and develop initial solutions.

Do you feel addressed? Then #get_active and apply here.

tim lampe @ campus founders


You have a business idea or you have a product or even both. Then you are perfectly placed in our Empower|2|Launch program. From product concept to prototype to a first version of your product.

We want to help you to follow the development steps with real customer feedback. Our mentors and experts will teach you the startup tools, methods, and knowledge that will help you develop your skills and master upcoming challenges.

The focus of Empower|2|Launch is product development and identifying and winning first test customers.

So, get your team together, #get_organized and apply here .


Feeling like grown up for the other programs? We are convinced that you are getting older, so you have to act more independently. 

For this reason, we offer a wide range of activities in our six-month program: 

  • Education
  • Training / Workshops
  • Mentor / Experts 
  • Investor connections

How and to what extent you take this offer is completely up to you. You are the experts for your startup and your challenges! We do not claim to be better or mother you – you are old enough! Of course, we are always at your side with all our experience and knowledge. We check on your progress and help you to grow, become investment ready, and achieve the necessary operational excellence.

Ready to #get_sucessful? Apply now.


I have registered for the event but have not received a confirmation. What now?

Our registrations are set up with automatic confirmation. Please check first whether this confirmation mail has landed in the spam folder. If you still have questions about your registration, you can also contact the responsible program manager.
You can reach them using the contact form in the FAQ.


tim lampe @ campus founders


“Building Bridges between Entrepreneurs and Corporate Innovators” is the motto on his LinkedIn profile. Tim dedicates his heart and soul to his teams with his Silicon Valley experience.
Is there a founder in you, too?

Then write him a message and discuss the next steps.

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