AI Founders Application

Application deadline 19th March 2023


Join to batch #2 now and become part of our AI Founders community

Program Requirements

Your business idea or venture focuses on solving a problem with AI

You can commit to living in Heilbronn
for the duration of the program

You will participate in all events
and training sessions in person

You’ll need two things to complete your application

2-3 minute intro video

Watch a short explaination of what we are looking for here, along with an example.

If you are an early-stage founder and don’t have a company yet, tell us about the problem you want to solve and why, what expertise you and your team have in this field and why you are best suited to solving this problem.

A professional pitch deck
Click here to learn about the key elements of a pitch deck and download our template

As an early-stage founder focus more on the problem you would like to solve, why you want to solve this problem, why you are best suited to solve this problem alongside your co-founder(s).