The Program

The AI Founders program was designed to help you to develop the skills needed to turn your business idea into a scalable business step-by-step.

Our program is divided in to two tiers: the beginner tier for idea stage founders and the advanced tier for pre-seed startup teams.

The individual program elements will ensure that you receive relevant input & support that will help you along your individual entrepreneurial journey. The structured curriculum focuses on developing your business in the “business track” and developing your AI models in the “AI track”.

In the beginning of the Business Track you will validate your idea and find your “problem-solution-fit”. Afterwards, you will develop a suitable business model, start building your solution and aim to achieve your “product-market-fit”. In the last part of the program, you will incorporate your business (if you haven’t already) and start building traction in the market and we will provide you with the vital skills to present your startup and share it with our broad network at the Demo Day after week 12.

The AI Track will first help you find the relevant data that you will need to build AI models for your solution. In a next step you will start optimising your data models and finally learn how to scale it.

Program Elements

Kick-off & Off-Site

Get to know your fellow entrepreneurs & coaches at an exciting hike in the vineyards

1-1 Office Hour Coaching

Receive expert advice from your dedicated coach

Founder Insights & Expert Talks

Get inspired on relevant topics by experts & experienced founders

Hands-on workshops

Learn new technical and business knowledge to apply on your business

Dedicated Mentor

Receive guidance throughout the program from your dedicated mentor

Milestone Reviews

Make sure your goals are on track with regular sprints and milestone reviews

Pitch Training Sessions

Learn to pitch your startup in a convincing way

Graduation & Demo Day

Celebrate your accomplishments with the community & pitch in front of our network

AI Founders Curricilum