Website survey - beforehand

We are excited to hear your opinion 🙂

Hey! Thank you for deciding to help us out with our new website. We have  2 surverys for you.
First survey should not take more than 45 minutes.

Here is what to do:

  • Open
  • Come back to this page and click NEXT button here to see tasks & questions
  • Read tasks while browsing the page
  • You have 11 questions and 45 minutes, When you are done submit your answer
  • After submitting your answer you will be forwarded to afterwards survey, there you can give detailed suggestions and ideas.


Info:  You will also see report bug button every page you visit. If you find a bug please give feedback by clicking the feedback button at middle-right of the page you are visiting. It is not required to for you to use that function, if you wish you can do it later when you have free time.