How to host visits

As a Resident of our coworking space, you have the flexibility to invite guests to meet with you here. We offer two options for your guests to join you: Visits and Day Passes.

Visits are free of charge and allow your guests to come in and meet with you. The Community Kitchen can be used for short meetups. Please book one of the meeting rooms for longer meetings or more privacy. We kindly ask that after the meeting, they make way for other members who may need the space.

If you have non-Resident team members or clients that need to work on-site using a desk at our coworker area , you can use a Day Pass. This option incurs an additional cost, which will be billed to you at the end of the month. With a Day Pass, your guests can cowork with you for the entire day and enjoy all of our amenities. These options are designed to provide you with the flexibility to welcome and collaborate with your guests in our coworking space.

Below you will find the link to two PDFs with relevant information for you to share with your visitors depending on their type of Visit:

Our core philosophy is people over process and values over rules. Therefore, it is very important for us that we provide context to our team members, are very authentic and transparent, and share the same values. We value team spirit, courage, honesty, integrity, excellence, respect, inclusivity, flexibility, and speed. We are customer-centric and willing to try new things. We have the courage to do things differently and provide constant feedback to our colleagues. This way, we believe we will learn faster, provide better programs, and build trust among our team members, students, startups, and corporate partners.