We are happy to have you at our Campus Lab! Your host has granted you a Visit Pass. This pass allows you to join them for a meeting at our space. Please note that after the meeting, we kindly ask you to make way for other members who may need the space. We hope you have a productive and enjoyable visit!


The Campus Lab is located at Bildungscampus 1, 74076 Heilbronn, on the 2nd floor of the Forum Building.

You can find information on how to get to Campus Lab and available parking options here.

Building access instructions

Find us on the 2nd floor by taking the stairs or elevator. In our Reception area, you will be asked to sign-in, receive a Visit Pass, and our Receptionist will guide you to your meeting place.

Coworking space etiquette

As the holder of a Visit Pass, you are granted access to the Campus Lab as a guest of one of our Residency Members. Once your meeting with your host has finished, we ask that you kindly make way for other members who need to use the space. Please note that the Visit Pass does not include access to a workspace before or after your scheduled meeting. If you would like to separately book a workspace for your visit, please let the Receptionist know upon your arrival that you would like to additionally book a Day Pass.

Our Campus Lab is a safe, trustworthy, and respectful environment for everyone. Please be kind and respectful of other members during your time in the Campus Lab. For further information about our space etiquette, please review our Campus Lab Code of Conduct.

Available amenities

  • Welcoming guest services at our Reception Desk
  • Reliable WLAN network
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, water and soft drinks
  • Meeting spaces fully equipped with digital connectivity
  • Workshop and meeting materials, such as whiteboards, post-its, flipcharts, etc.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding your visit to the Campus Lab, please contact us at