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What makes Heilbronn the top rising region among Germany’s regions with a future

The Heilbronn region is economically strong and has always been one of the top climbers in the Prognos Future Atlas. What is right here?

When Reinhold R. Geilsdörfer looks out of his office window on the 9th floor, he looks directly into the future. From the already completed administration building of the Heilbronn educational campus, the managing director of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation looks down on a construction site whose dimensions are as impressive as the ambitions cast in concrete here.

The aim is to develop an area of around 100,000 square metres. Students are already being taught in many buildings, and the new refectory – a restaurant lowered underground including an atrium – should be ready by the end of the year. The 600 micro-apartments, necessary due to the lack of affordable living space in Heilbronn, are also not yet ready for occupancy. “But we are on the right track,” says Geilsdörfer.

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