About AI Founders

AI Founders is a program by Campus Founders, an organization dedicated to empowering and accelerating founders and innovators to launch impact-creating startups in Germany and the broader international market

Sascha Karstädt

Managing Partner AI Founders

Oliver Hanisch

Chief Executive Officer of Campus Founders



Sebastian Pyzalski

Start-Up & Technologie Scout

Jens Horstmann

Managing Director of Crestlight Venture Productions

Günter Steffen

Managing Director of Born2Grow & FM of Zukunftsfonds

Jord Janssen

Program manager campus founders

Samuel Keitel

Program Support Campus Founders

Part ofCampus Founders

The AI Founders is a part of the larger Campus Founders ecosystem that provides programming to support startups, build the entrepreneurial community, develop new talent, and innovation opportunities to corporates.

Members of the AI Founders gain immediate access to this broader community and can participate in the various events, services, offerings  and more.

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