Collaborate, Innovate, Succeed.

Work with like-minded students to develop new solution approaches to a real business challenge.

Program Overview

Are you, as a decision-maker in a forward-thinking company, searching for fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to real challenges?

Innovative solution approaches in just 14 weeks!

By participating in the Corporate Campus Challenge, you connect with top talents from the region who will develop innovative solution approaches to a real pracitcal challenge using Design Thinking and Lean Startup methods.

The Corporate Campus Challenge provides a supportive community where you can get in touch with like-minded students and companies, potentially discovering new talents for your organization.

The CCC is an educational program and is guided and conducted by experienced experts in the field of entrepreneurial education.

Target Group

Interdisciplinary talents with an open mind, strong motivation, and a pronounced willingness to think and act entrepreneurially.


Weekly practical workshops divided into three program phases: problem understanding and research, solution development and prototyping, market validation and presentation. Course language is in English


Four teams per challenge, each team consisting of five talents from different backgrounds, one Design Thinking or Startup Coach per team and one mentor.


14 weeks from 18th October 2023 - January 31st 2024 with weekly effort of 6-10hrs per participant

Program Highlights

Show presence on Campus

Make contact with top talents from our partner universities and collaborate with them under "real conditions”.

Transform challenges into solution approaches.

Four teams, consisting of up to five participants each, will methodically develop new, creative solution approaches for a relevant practical challenge under guidance.

Develop the next generation of innovators.

Together with the participants, we will train four of your aspiring employees in Design Thinking and the Lean Startup approach by having them accompany the program as mentors.

Voices from previous partners

We have met so many talented individuals. Students from all over the world participated, which was an absolutely enriching experience for us. They are full of energy and new ideas that we would love to incorporate into our processes, teams, and company.

Andreas Rüdenauer

Senior Innovation Manager by LAUDA

The diversity and enthusiasm of the participants from a global talent pool have made the ideation process highly exciting and opened up new perspectives for me. Not only for Beyerdynamic but for the entire region, it is an enrichment that this program is taking place right here in Heilbronn.

Edgar van Velzen

Former CEO beyerdynamic

I believe this is a remarkable success for the teams and the students, as they can offer new approaches, fresh perspectives, and above all, a user-centric approach to corporates like SAP from their own point of view. 

Katrin Redmann

COO SAP Labs Paris

The Campus Founders have designed the Corporate Campus Challenge as a format that professionally and hands-on conveys their way of thinking and working. At the same time, companies from various industries engage in exchange and establish connections with potential employees as well as the regional startup scene.

Tobias Liebeck

Project Manager at AUDI AG

A solution has emerged that we can implement, and we will implement it. We are happy to work together with the teams [...] because it is a truly excellent solution and one that we need. 

Thomas Erfort

Leiter Personalentwicklung Bechtle

Meet the CCC Team

Gayatri Gautham

Program Lead

Maximilian Schuller

Program manager

Richard Rau

Business Development

Insight into previous challenges


Beyerdynamic produces high-quality audio devices such as microphones and headphones for creatives, artists, gamers, and other music lovers worldwide. Some of their products include in-ear plugs. By better understanding users needs, the focus of this challenge was to develop a solution to achieve optimal sound quality and comfort and elevate the user experience to a new level.

Next Generation Learning Experience

SAP is the global market leader in enterprise software. SAP University Alliances promotes students with SAP skills. The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed education, and SAP aims to adapt their learning environment. The challenge was to meet the demand for lifelong learning, digital knowledge transfer, and collaboration to be able to innovate within the SAP ecosystem.


Bechtle is a leading IT provider in Europe, offering a comprehensive range of services. With a strong presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other European countries, Bechtle provides vendor-neutral IT infrastructure solutions. The company values networking, collaboration, and employee development. Through this challenge, Bechtle aimed to find solutions to foster international work experiences, emphasize diversity, foster cross-location collaboration.

FormerChallenge Providers

Join the Corporate Campus Challenge!

Work with like-minded students to solve a real company challenge. You have questions? Richard and Maximilian are available to answer any open questions you may have about the Corporate Campus Challenge.