Real challenge, Big Impact !


Voted as one of the German TOP 10 projects of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2022 🥳

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The Corporate Campus Challenge is a unique learning experience specifically designed for creative, innovative and open-minded people. Get hands on experience by co-creating with companies to solve their real challenge and create impact.

Whether you are an innovator every company loves or the Entrepreneur who changes the world, the Corporate Campus Challenge is your chance to learn and shine !

How will your CCC journey look like ?

Pick a challenge

Once you're admitted, you will be invited to our launch event where we will reveal this years challenge providers!
The corporates will pitch their unique challenges and then you will vote for your preferences.


Next, you will meet your teammates at the kick-off. They come from different universities, background and nationalities!
This ensures diverse perspectives and boosts creativity in the team.

Solve the challenge!

Your goal will be to identify unfulfilled user and customer needs, develop new products/ services and create a tested prototype. Our coaches & trainers will provide you the necessary guidance.

Final Pitch

14 weeks later, It's time for you to show the world your hard work! You will pitch in front of the audience, corporates and panel of experts.

Your journey is not yet over...

Multitude of opportunities await you after CCC.
Continue working on your idea either with your team, alone or jointly with the company together.

Why apply to CCC?

  • 14 weeks of hands-on mentality to push your innovative skills.
  • Mentoring from experienced coaches and experts.
  • Receive a certificate of participation for your CV.
  • Build your professional network by joining our growing community of founders, startups, corporates and students.
  • Depending on your university, you can get ECTS for your participation (see FAQs for information).

We are looking for…

  • Creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial minds.
  • Problem-solvers and get-goers from diverse backgrounds with open mindsets.
  • People who challenge the status quo.

How can you participate ?

To overcome the barriers of physical distance that limit teamwork, we have been experimenting with innovative hybrid learning environments since last year. We use various digital tools such as Miro, Meeting Owls and our online e-learning platform for collaborative training of individuals, teams and startups. Here, we place a lot of emphasis on peer learning approaches in order to learn as much as possible from each other.


Skills that you will acquire:

  • Learn and apply the fundamentals of the iterative Design Thinking approach & Lean Startup methods.
  • Collaborate with the challenge providers and solve their challenges by applying innovative methods to find human centric solutions.
  • Learn how to quickly develop your prototypes and iterate by testing them with your target customer.

We are looking for creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial minds who are problem-solvers and get-goers coming from diverse backgrounds with an open mindset. 



Our team of highly experienced Design Thinking coaches with various professional and academic backgrounds will accompany you in your individual project team throughout the CCC journey.

Joining the program is free for our participants. You only have to get into the program by showing your motivation and convincing us.

Every individual who has the intrinsic motivation can apply.  But also you can apply only individually (not as a team) as we see working in an interdisciplinary and diverse team a big part of your learning journey. To ensure a maximum of learning, we are looking for applicants that show a high motivation and willingness to learn within a group of diverse people, regardless of the stage of your career, or from being a student to an experienced professional.

This program is aimed at change-makers and innovators and is therefore open to anyone who would like to contribute to the solution of a meaningful challenge.The only requirement is that you are 18+ years old. 

We select our participants based on their motivation to join this year’s cohort. We accept everyone who can convince us of their motivation, but we have only limited amount of places. If all places are taken, we will let you know if you made it on the waiting list and inform you as early as possible if you can move up and join the program. In case you won’t make it into the program, we would be pleased about your application for the next batch.

Don’t worry! All of our sessions are offered in a hybrid setting, so you can still attend even if you are joining us virtually.

The goal is to learn entrepreneurship by applying methods from Design Thinking and Lean Startup to a given challenge. You will work with a team of diverse people. You will apply what you have learned directly by developing a functional prototype, delivering an inspiring final pitch, and creating valuable documentation for the challenge partner (company). But you won’t be alone in this journey. Each team will have a dedicated coach and will be guided through all phases of our program.

However, it is your motivation that will make the difference and let you achieve a result that adds real value. Each motivated participant will receive even more motivation from their coaches and trainers to help you achieve that goal and go above and beyond.

For all HHN students: The Corporate Campus Challenge is part of the “Studium Generale” program. Therefore if you choose for Corporate Campus Challenge you will receive ECTS from HHN.

For all TUM students: The Corporate Campus Challenge is part of the elective study program. TUM MiM & BMT students will receive ECTS for their participation.

For all Uni Viadrina students: The Corporate Campus is part of the elective study program. The students need to fill in the official application form and also register with the University to receive the ECTS


But if you are only an “ECTS-hunter” – looking for the most fun way to get ECTS – this is not the right program for you.

Short answer: Yes, you will! All details are written down in our AGBs.
English. Only that way, we can ensure diversity in terms of nationality and demographic background. We expect all participants to speak and write basic English – not perfectly, but being able to express themselves.
Solving a problem requires us to fully understand where its roots are or where it makes the most impact. CCC gave me the chance to work with like-minded individuals and network with professionals.


Team ZVL

At the CCC, I got deep insights into the world of an entrepreneur. Together with a team, I have worked on new solutions and have tried out new technologies. As a techie, you get the chance to create a functional prototype, such as software.


Team Indi

We were supported by experts who further developed our skills of creative problem solving and entrepreneurship. I had a diverse team with different backgrounds, which enriched the entire experience.


Team Quattro+2

While our 2022 Partners are not announced UNTIL THE LAUNCH EVENT, check the ones from the past edition
FormerChallenge Providers