great2know – AI Founders Chat

great2know is an early-stage startup redefining the way organizations share, manage, and leverage their wealth of knowledge. As part of the AI Founders program by Campus Founders, great2know leverages the expertise and resources provided to accelerate the development of AI features within their product. Lydia Tran, Head of Product at great2know is now unveiling the story behind their vision, the meticulous validation process, and the valuable lessons learned along the way.

Validating your idea is a crucial step for the success of your startup. great2know, how did this process go for you?

Validating the idea behind great2know was a meticulous process that involved close collaboration with our target audience. We began by conducting extensive market research to understand the pain points of businesses in managing and sharing knowledge among their staff. We engaged in direct conversations with potential clients, seeking their feedback on our proposed solution. This iterative process allowed us to refine our concept, ensuring that great2know addressed real-world challenges faced by organizations. Additionally, pilot programs and beta testing played a pivotal role in validating the effectiveness of our solution in practical settings.

Which validation methods did you use to validate your idea, and how has this process evolved over time?

The validation journey for great2know involved a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. Initially, surveys and interviews helped us gather valuable insights into the needs and preferences of our target audience. As the product evolved, we introduced prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to allow users to interact with the solution in a tangible way. The feedback loop became a crucial part of our development process, leading to continuous iterations based on user responses. Over time, the validation process has evolved to include data analytics, user behavior analysis, and A/B testing, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of user engagement and satisfaction.

In the context of your journey with great2know, what are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned that you believe would be beneficial to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Our journey with great2know has been filled with valuable lessons. Firstly, the importance of staying customer-centric cannot be overstated. Actively listening to customer feedback and adapting our product accordingly has been instrumental in our success. Secondly, agility is key. The startup landscape is dynamic, and the ability to pivot when necessary has allowed us to stay ahead of market trends. Thirdly, building a strong team is foundational. Surrounding ourselves with individuals who share our vision and bring diverse skills to the table has significantly contributed to great2know’s growth. Lastly, fostering a culture of continuous learning has been crucial. Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth has been a guiding principle for both our team and the evolution of our product.

What does the future hold for great2know, and how do you see the AI Founders program playing a role in achieving your long-term goals?

The future for great2know is exciting as we envision further expansion and innovation. We see AI playing a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of our knowledge-sharing platform. The AI Founders program is a crucial part of our strategy for achieving these long-term goals. By joining the program, we aim to leverage the expertise and resources provided to accelerate the development of AI features within our product. The program serves as a valuable network, connecting us with industry experts and like-minded entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Ultimately, we believe that the AI Founders program will be instrumental in propelling great2know to new heights, positioning us as leaders in the intersection of technology and knowledge management.