Venture Studio

For startups to succeed, they need access to networks, programs, resources, and capital.

Meet the Campus Founders Venture Studio, an early pre-seed “venture builder”. Startups in this program can receive up to 100k in funding  via a convertible loan agreement. More importantly, we provide mentoring, connections, and actively work with you to build the startup, providing hands-on support.

However, more importantly than just funding, the Campus Founders Venture Studio provides acceleration support—both before and after the deal. We provide mentoring, startup services, network support, early-stage customer and sales development, education, and leadership development. Additionally, founders accepted into the Venture Studio can take advantage of a Campus Founders membership to access additional programs and community events.

Why are we doing this? Our goal is to build up the entrepreneurial ecosystem and provide support to founders at the earliest phase of their journey. To help startups moving from “problem/solution fit” to “solution/market fit”. Our focus is on entrepreneurial ecosystem impact and program sustainability, not excessive returns or profitability. Our business model reflects this, where we focus on “recycling” startup investments to re-invest the funds into the next generation of early-stage startups.

We are looking for...

  • Founders who value mentorship and want to engage with us on a weekly basis.


  • Startups with at least one team member who has a solid technical background or industry experience.


  • We are especially interested in B2B startups using new technologies (i.e. AI, ML, AR/VR, I4.0, Blockchain) to create solutions for “Mittelstand” companies and large corporates.

Talk to us if…

  • You have trouble building up your sales process


  • You need help cleaning your cap table


  • Your team is top notch, but one key role is missing


  • You need help cleaning up your graphics, messaging, website, etc.


  • You are a company that needs to form spin-offs.