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The Corporate Incubation Program is a program for companies that want to develop and validate different solutions within a short period of time. The starting point is a challenge that we shape together. This will be worked on by several full-time teams during the six-month program. Campus Founders can take over talent scouting and recruitment upon request. ​

Who is the format intented for?

Companies that want to develop new business models in a field in a short time and young professionals, startup alumni, talented master students.either company-internal talent & trainees OR external scouting of young professionals, “failed” entrepreneurs, talented master students.

Key data

  • 6 months / full time
  • Next start: April 2023 
  • Application deadline for companies: June 2022 (limited seats; “first comefirst serve!”) 

In-depth solutions​

Due to the length and high intensity of the full-time program​

Internal or external talent

We are looking for talent from our pool; Challenge giver selects them ​

Ideas and approaches at startup speed​

Rapid development and validation of business models​