This is where everyone from the region who wants to make a difference on a grand scale meets – committed doers and business angels, founders, and innovators from startups, science, and companies.

Whether as part of the Campus Founders Membership or the informal network, the common goal is to contribute to a vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem.

We actively drive the creation of a comprehensive startup and innovation ecosystem. We offer entrepreneurial people who want to make a difference in the region the opportunity to network on our open community platform. Because collaboration makes us better.


On our open platform, we bring together entrepreneurial people. Community, collaboration, and co-innovation thrive here. With our offer of Community Study Tours, we also create links between startup centers nationwide. In this way, we create the ground for the growth of an innovation- and startup-friendly environment in the Heilbronn-Franken region, from which we all benefit.

We see ourselves as a central point of contact for the region’s startups. We network them with each other and with other strong partners. Additionally, we organize community and networking events on a regular basis.  These provide a good opportunity to get information and make new contacts.  We promote an active exchange at eye level and maintain the growing network.


Under the motto collaboration, we strengthen co-innovation, entrepreneurship, and startups in the region. For this, we actively support the emergence of a vibrant and comprehensive startup and innovation ecosystem. Not only do we network startups with each other, but we also constantly attract additional supporters and cooperation partners for the ecosystem. These come from a wide range of sectors such as media, education and research, public institutions, established companies, and other networks – a strong community. We see ourselves as a platform with open interfaces to all these stakeholders. The goal is a productive exchange on an equal level in the sense of a shared, value-oriented and open mindset because competition makes us faster and collaboration makes us better.


Our heart and the platform for community and collaboration.

On more than 1,000 sqm we work together – students, founders and teams of established companies – all under one roof.

Our goal is to create a creative working atmosphere where we see ourselves as part of a community. You share your experiences, benefit from the knowledge of others and contribute your strengths to the community.


Keine Veranstaltungen


The Campus Lab is our home base. We are happy to welcome you here.


How to act as a visitor. Please follow the hygiene rules on your next visit to the Campus Lab.

Download the hygiene rules here

Our Campus Founders Slack Community supports us in bringing people with energy and good ideas together in a community and to accompany, inspire, inform, and empower them in the implementation of their entrepreneurial plans. We use this platform to share struggles, ideas, or simply show events interesting for other members.

It is a platform for exchange and network and a virtual home for all our program participants, experts, members, or other members of our network. It lives from active, engaged, and committed members! In this Slack Community, we all agree with and follow our Code of Conduct for the Slack Community.

Click here for download: Code of Conduct_Slack (22.04.2020)


Campus Lab @ Campus Founders

The Campus Lab is open since Nov’19! On more than 1,000 m2.

Students, founders, and teams from established corporates under one roof.

Arena/lounge area as a central place for the exchange of ideas, events, and pitch formats.

Positive working atmosphere and intensive networking created by our Community Manager.

Membership model based on the participation of a campus founders format or invitation/application.

Our goal in this area is to create a creative working atmosphere in which we see ourselves as part of a community. You share your experiences, benefit from the knowledge of others, and bring your strengths to the community.

For more information about the conditions of membership, please contact our Community Manager Marina.



Your Community Manager

Benni is our Community Manager and is the first contact person for everyone who works in this working space. If you want to know more about the home for entrepreneurs or how to become a member, write to him.

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