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Where aspiring entrepreneurs merge cutting-edge AI with strategic business insights to catalyze transformative startups.

Program Overview

“AI Start” is the beginning of your journey as an AI startup founder. The course enables you to further develop and validate your startup idea by developing AI-based prototypes in just four weeks. The program covers essential business components such as team building, problem identification, value proposition, pitching, MVP development, business model fundamentals, capital raising and legal considerations. In addition, it offers specific content on AI, including its application, automation, personalized AI models, prototyping, product development and AI-driven business models.

The program is free of charge but requires application.

Target Group

The target audience of "AI Start" includes aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to develop and validate their startup ideas by incorporating artificial intelligence into their prototypes.


AI Start's setup provides a structured program for participants to develop and validate startup ideas with an emphasis on AI, covering essential modules supported by mentorship and expert engagement.


Upon completing the AI Start program, participants can anticipate having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively develop, validate, and launch their startup ideas, with a particular emphasis on leveraging artificial intelligence.


4 Weeks on-site in Heilbronn

Possible follow-up in our 6 month Incubator

Join our upcoming Q&A sessions to to learn more about the application process, program structure, and the benefits our program brings to inspiring entrepreneurs.

Program Highlights

ACCESS TO Coaching & Mentors:

Access to coaching and mentors during the program provides participants with invaluable guidance, personalized insights, and industry expertise, fostering accelerated learning, skill development, and strategic decision-making, ultimately enhancing their chances of successfully navigating the challenges of startup development and leveraging artificial intelligence effectively.

Access to our Campus Lab

During your participation in the program you have access to our different working spaces. Benefit from modern equipment, a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all while being conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Thriving community with relevant stakeholders to accelerate your business

To be successful, startups and innovations need a strong network. For that reason we act as a connector for the startup and innovation ecosystem. Talent, entrepreneurs, regional and international startups, investors, mentors, experts and corporations are actively participating in our community, both physically and online

Free top-tier co-living accommodation

Our stunning apartments at Rosenberg Quartier are there for you, your team to provide comfort, convenience, and an inspiring environment for you.

Program Process & Timeline



July 12, 2024



July 16, 2024

4 Week Program

15.08 - Moving In RQ + Networking
16.08 - Kick-Off + Social Media Challenge + Escape Game Heilbronn + Networking / After Work


19.08 - Workshop 01: How to master using ChatGPT?
20.08 - "Workshop 02: How to generate your brand
& website visuals using Midjourney"
21.08 - Workshop 03: How can startups prioritize and select the most promising opportunities for investment and development?
22.08 - Workshop 04: How can you reach out to your users / Customers? & Optional: After Work
23.08 - Workshop 05: How can we ensure that products or services effectively address the needs, pains, and gains of our customers?

Week 2

27.08 - Workshop 06: How do AI apps work & how to prototype fast?
29.08 - Workshop 07: How to build Generative AI Apps with LangChain?
03.09 - Workshop 08: How to deploy AI Apps?
05.09 - Workshop 09: What are advanced topics in Generative AI?
06.09 - Community Day

Week 3

12.09 - Morning Brunch + Final Ceremony + Weindorf After Work
13.09 - Moving Out Rosenbergquartier

Week 4
Meet the Team

Benjamin Braun

Program Lead


Joining the program is free for our participants. You only have to get into the program by application and showing your motivation and convincing us.

Every individual who has the intrinsic motivation can apply. But you can also apply as a team.
We are looking forward for individuals & Teams that show a high motivation and willingness to make their first step into a their startup journey and want initial validation of their project.

We select our participants based on their Team setting, validation stage and skill set. Also your openess to join an other team plays a role.

The workshops will be in person / hybrid if there is too much demand for the workshops. But we see the workshop sessions as mandatory for the participants of AI Start. Besides the workshop it`s about your progress of your project. For your private work on the progress it`s not mandatory to be there all the time in person.

The goal is to get an initial validation about your project. Therefore you will apply methods from Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

However, it is your motivation that will make the difference and let you achieve a result that adds real value.

English. Only that way, we can ensure diversity in terms of nationality and demographic background. We expect all participants to speak and write basic English – not perfectly, but being able to express themselves.

We evaluate your solution by three different levels how much AI is involved in your solution. As you will get also more familiar with the AI technology, you should at least reach AI Level 3.
The Levels are:
– Level 1: Central to the Solution “The main value proposition is enabled through AI”
– Level 2: Integral Part of the Solution”AI is part of customer-facing product features”
– Level 3: Supportive Role in the Solution /Business

Here you find more information about the 3 Levels of AI:
Level 1: Central to the Solution “The main value proposition is enabled through AI”
In this scenario, AI plays a pivotal and indispensable role in the startup’s solution. The entire business model revolves around the capabilities and insights provided by artificial intelligence. The startup’s core functionality and value proposition heavily rely on AI algorithms and models. This level of integration implies that without AI, the startup would lose its competitive edge or even fail to deliver its primary services.
Example: A healthcare startup leveraging AI for personalized medicine, where diagnostic and treatment recommendations are entirely driven by advanced machine learning algorithms analyzing patient data.

Level 2: Integral Part of the Solution”AI is part of customer-facing product features”
At this level, AI is an integral component of the startup’s solution, contributing significantly to its efficiency and effectiveness. While not the sole driver, artificial intelligence enhances various aspects of the startup’s operations, decision-making, or user experience. The solution could still exist without AI, but its performance, scalability, or user satisfaction would be compromised. AI acts as a force multiplier, amplifying the impact and capabilities of the startup’s offering.
Example: An e-commerce platform utilizing AI for personalized product recommendations, improving user engagement and increasing conversion rates.

Level 3: Supportive Role in the Solution /Business
In this scenario, AI is a supportive tool that aids specific functions within the startup. The solution can operate reasonably well without AI, but artificial intelligence is employed to optimize certain tasks, streamline processes, or provide additional insights. It enhances efficiency and productivity but doesn’t fundamentally alter the nature of the startup’s product or service. The startup leverages AI as a complementary technology rather than a central or integral element.
Example: A project management startup using AI to make internal processes more efficient

Usually, the most successful startups comprise at least two co-founders who can cover the technical and business bases. If you are an exceptional talent and believe that you have what it takes to start your own business we may make an exception. In addition, we may be able to match you with a suitable co-founder. Get in touch and let’s see if we can help you out.

What we expect from our participants is full commitment to participate at all workshops. Besides that you have to work on your project but in a flexible style. Have a look at the schedule for more details.

Our program is designed for unexperienced founders and early-stage startups with an idea or project which is AI-related. You can participate as an individual, team or also as a startup with an entity.

In order to get the most out of the program, physical attendance is highly preferred during the program. Participation is mandatory for the workshops. Any other days you can use our space or you can work wherever you want.

We will be running several Q&A sessions before the start of the batch. You may join us there to have your questions answered, so keep an eye on our upcoming events. Alternatively, reach out to for assistance.

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