Build, learn, iterate.

Next batch: November 2024 to March 2025


Learn how to build products and validate your business ideas to gain clarity and confidence

Teams per Batch
Program Overview

Are you an early-stage founder with a great business idea, but unsure of the next step? We understand the ups and downs of building a startup. That’s why we created a powerful 6-month program designed to turn your idea from concept to a thriving reality. We leverage our extensive experience and expertise to empower early-stage founders like you.

In the Incubator you will learn to refine concepts, gain the confidence and clarity to make the business idea solid, increase its potential for success, unlock crucial market insights, and develop a clear roadmap. This roadmap will guide your startup journey, equipping you with the strategic direction and practical steps needed to achieve your milestones.

Immerse yourself in our vibrant community of over 200 startups. Foster valuable connections, learn from experienced founders, and unlock your full potential.

This is more than just an incubator; it’s your launchpad to new entrepreneurial heights.

Target Group

Early stage startups and first-time founders at the idea or concept-stage with an extensive problem understanding.


We facilitate startup progress (idea-to-product) through variety of workshops, access to a mentor pool, regular coaching, community events and peer-to-peer learning.


This program is a launchpad to learn how to validate ideas, unlock its market potential, craft your first MVP, slash through uncertainties, and kickstart your startup voyage with more confidence.


6 months journey starting 9th April 2024 - September 26th 2024 Next batch: October 2024 to March 2025

Program Highlights

We've curated the knowledge for your journey in one program

• 15 workshops with experts at Campus Founders on-site in Heilbronn
• Coaching sessions for your team with experienced coaches
• More than 10 peer-to-peer working sessions
• Guidance to de-risk business ideas
• Immerse yourself in two full days of learning and progress alongside your batch and startup community in Heilbronn each week
 • Grab the chance to work with your team full time on your startup

Build, learn, iterate in a safe space

Within our Incubator, you'll find a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters fearless experimentation and rapid iteration of your concept. You can test what you have learnt and receive valuable feedback from our coaches and mentors. This continuous cycle of exploration, refinement, and validation equips you with the critical insights and guidance necessary to transform your idea and launch with more confidence.


Success starts with the right connections. That's why we're building a vibrant community where talented individuals, passionate entrepreneurs, and established corporations connect. From startups to experienced mentors and investors, this diverse network fosters collaboration and empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their ambitious goals.


Don't just stop at the Incubator—elevate your startup with our follow-up programs, aimed at fostering growth and development. With us, you're never on your own after the Incubator ends. We're here to guide and support you every step of the way, ensuring your journey continues on a path to success.

Program Process & Timeline



Apply for the Incubator by filling out the application form.


If you are qualified and pre-selected we will invite you to pitch in front of a selection committee.


You will receive the final decision from us regarding your participation in the Incubator as soon as possible.


Take concrete steps to move your idea forward together with your team by experimenting, prototyping and developing your solution

Learn how to validate your idea by engaging actively in our workshops  and peer to peer working sessions during your Incubator journey

Refine your idea by iterating based on the feedback from our mentors and pivot if necessary in a safe space


6 month Incubation journey

At our Campus Lab

Onboarding and planning

Elevate & Innovate: mastering research methods for startups
Better understand your market opportunity
Agile project management tools and hacks
Better understand your customer

Peer to Peer working sessions:
Business model canvas
Research tools for startups

Business model development workshops

Business model development
Resilient entrepreneurs
Check and track your progress
Pitching for startups
Funding opportunities

Peer to Peer working sessions:
Software for startups
Meetup with experienced founders

Build your MVP and find pilot customers

Better understand your product
Selling success: An introduction to sales
Acquire your first customers with confidence
CRM for startups: hubSpot for startup

Peer to Peer working sessions:
Mock pitching sessions
Founders presence in social media

Start of bi-weekly coaching, test and iterate

Financial planning

Peer to Peer working sessions:
Prototype and enhance your solution

Mid-term of Incubator

Master your pitch

Startup sales mastery
Pitching mastery

Peer to Peer working sessions:
Founders talk

Finals preparation and finalization

Finals: September 26th, 2024

If you have questions reach out to Mariia, Program Coordinator at

Meet the Incubator Team

Johannes Schnabel

Program Lead

Mariia Kraisman

Program Coordinator

Shettima Ali



We believe we've never been closer to the chance to position Userwill as the global go-to platform for managing digital legacies. We believe in Heilbronn and that’s also why we changed our GmbH seat from Frankfurt to Heilbronn.

Frederik, Mark, Nico


With the support and insights of the Campus Founders team, who are well-versed in the specific challenges of startups, we were able to make important strategic decisions and put our startup idea on a solid footing. The combination of coaching, practical workshops, and access to a network of like-minded people and industry experts has significantly contributed to our success and enabled us to achieve great successes, such as 2nd place in the Female Founders Cup, collaborations with politicians, and initial cooperation partners.

Laura & Sabrina


Joining Campus Founders was a game-changer. Learning from experienced coaches with founders from all over the world created a very energetic and motivating environment. The workshops and network access really prepped us for our startup jour

Hauke, Miriam, Alex



Participation in the program is free of charge. You just have to convince us of your motivation as a team, commitment and idea.

Teamwork makes a dream work. We are convinced that teams create great benefits and give you the needed space to focus on building your product.
Alternatively, it is also possible that you apply as a single founder (solopreneur). Finding the perfect co-founder can be a challenge, but we’re here to help. While we can’t guarantee a match in this current program, we thoroughly assess each applicant to identify strong potential fits.
If your profile doesn’t align perfectly for this batch, we’ll still keep you in our talent pool and consider you for future opportunities, including upcoming program batch and potential connections within our network.

Our program is designed for aspiring founders and early-stage startups working on an idea with an extensive problem understanding. We need to see that you have put in some initial work trying to validate your idea and gain market insights. It will also show us that you are dedicated.

The main program language will be in English. Nevertheless individual coaching sessions can also be conducted in German for German-speaking teams

While we have two dedicated full-time presence days in Heilbronn each week, managing other commitments outside of these sessions remains an individual decision for each team. We encourage open communication with your coaches and mentors to ensure a manageable workload that aligns with your personal and team priorities.

The program is designed to be flexible and adapt to your individual schedule. We understand that dedication to your startup extends beyond the Incubator and involves your team’s commitment and hard work.

While we encourage participants to be based in the Heilbronn area to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant startup ecosystem and leverage the benefits of in-person interaction, we don’t strictly require physical residence in Heilbronn throughout the program.

However, it’s important to note that our program incorporates mandatory presence days at the Campus Lab in Heilbronn. During these designated days, active participation and collaboration on-site are crucial for effective learning, team building, and networking opportunities.

Remote participation is not currently available for these specific days.

We believe that passionate founders with strong ideas deserve support, regardless of the field or industry they operate in. Our program is designed to empower early-stage founders across all sectors, providing the tools and resources needed to turn their concepts into thriving businesses.

We’re excited to see innovative ideas from diverse fields and support founders who are tackling challenges and creating value in different areas. What matters most to us is your dedication, vision, and potential for growth.

If you have a well-defined problem, a passionate team, and a strong desire to make a difference, we encourage you to apply, regardless of your specific industry focus. We are confident that our program can provide valuable guidance and support to help you launch and scale your venture successfully.

Absolutely! We encourage you to work on your startup at Campus Founders. The Campus Lab is designed to be your hub for innovation and collaboration during the Incubator and in our follow-up programs.

We believe that the best startups are built through collaboration and community. By joining a Campus Founders program, you’ll be surrounded by the resources and support network you need to turn your startup dream into a reality.

And who knows, could be that your next coffee break at our community kitchen could lead to a connection with a pilot customer, venture manager or a dedicated user of your service.

EXIST grants represent a valuable opportunity. We have a strong network of academic partners (universities) authorized to submit EXIST applications, and that have a proven track record of guiding teams through successful applications.

*EXIST is a prestigious German government grant program specifically designed to support promising early-stage startups with high-growth potential. By leveraging our expertise and connections, we can significantly increase your chances of securing this valuable funding

At Campus Founders, we understand the importance of building strong connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. That’s why we provide a platform for our program participants with a strong network of founders, experts, midsized companies and investors opening doors to valuable connections for your startup.

We’re excited to announce a new scholarship for participants in our incubator and accelerator programs! This scholarship is designed to support promising founders and ideas by helping to cover founders’ living costs. The scholarship can be granted for up to 12 months, depending on participation in our programs and the achievement of jointly defined milestones.
Once you’re accepted into the incubator/accelerator program, we’ll send you a link to apply for the scholarship. As we examine every application in detail, please make sure to apply as soon as possible. Also note that the application process for the scholarship is separate and you do not automatically qualify for it.
We’ll be launching more information about the scholarship on the Campus Founders website in a few days.
In case you have specific questions about the scholarship option, please don’t hesitate and contact

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Reach out to Mariia, Program Coordinator ( or attend Meet&Greet Session (registration above)

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