Your startup base camp is waiting for you.

We provide support for early-stage startups and enable them to achieve rapid progress and fuel their international growth.

Do you already have a team and a business idea and have a really strong desire to get started? Then our performance-oriented startup programs are just right for you. In our experience, the success of a startup requires three main elements:

  1. Competencies – in the form of knowledge and talents
  2. Capital – in the form of sales, grants or financing
  3. Contacts –  in the form of customers, suppliers, mentors or other partners.

Our formats help you to build and develop exactly these elements. In concrete terms, this means that we help you with urgent questions: How do I identify a relevant and concrete problem? How can I develop solutions and business ideas and validate them in the market? How do I attract first customers? How do I find additional team members and employees? Which financing is right for us and how do I get it? How can we grow as a startup?

Depending on the maturity of your startup, we have special coordinated offers for you. Our programs provide knowledge, financing and access to potential customers. In addition, our venture managers and mentors will accompany and accelerate your entire entrepreneurial journey.

We believe in ecological and social impact as a guarantee for economic success in the future. At the same time, entrepreneurial growth is needed to spread this impact. We are driven by the goal of successfully shaping both sides of the equation. If you also believe in this approach or want to learn more about it, please contact us.


AI Founders

Idea to scalable AI business in 12 weeks
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Venture Studio

Catalyzing Startups & Funding
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Leadership Talent Academy

Being a founder – becoming a leader
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Validate, Execute, Grow.
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AI Scale

Boost your startup growth, track by track
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Corporate Incubator

Build-up a new startup in collaboration with an innovative company in 6 months.
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