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Attention Female Founders!


Are you looking to exchange ideas about your startup or searching for a sparring partner for your pitch deck, or do you simply need the next motivational kick? Then register now for Mentoring at Campus Founders.

We are thrilled to have Christine Rittner on board as our first mentor for Female Founders, as she has many years of experience in business transformation in an international context, especially in the areas of corporate culture, leadership, talent management, HR digitalization, recruiting and learning.

During these hours, you will discuss your ideas and receive insights on fundraising, professional growth, and much more.

When and where?

  • In-person at the Campus Lab in Heilbronn
  • Let us know you’re interested by filling out the form below!
  • You are welcome to send your pitch deck in advance to provide a foundation for discussion

We look forward to seeing you there!

What is Mentoring?

A process in which an experienced mentor supports a mentee’s career and personal development

An opportunity to talk about one’s professional and personal development in a voluntary and trusting relationship

An exchange of knowledge, network and experience at eye level within the “tandem”

A mentee wants to learn with her mentor, have a role model, dare to think outside the box and sets herself concrete goals – the mentor challenges and encourages the mentee

Mentee Responsibility

Considerations before the first meeting:

How do we want to use the time together?

What are the main priorities at the moment?

Trust is the most important prerequisite for successful mentoring. Be open and honest from the start.

Female Founder Exchange Events

Save the date!
Female Founders Exchange Event on March 14, 2024

Who is invited?
All female Founders who are members of Campus Founders are warmly welcomed to join this Exchange Event hosted by Christine Rittner, our Female Founder Mentor.

What can you expect?
Impulses from Experts – Each Exchange Event, experts will be invited to give an impulse and share their expertise in this intimate group.

Pitches and Feedback – 2-3 startups will have the opportunity to pitch their idea and to receive feedback, insights and lots of motivation from the audience. This will all be done in a trustworthy and safe environment. If you would like to be one of these pitches, please apply when you sign up for the event.


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