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At Campus Founders, we believe in empowering more women to become entrepreneurs, which is why we have built a platform of over 100 (and growing!) female founders to connect, share knowledge, and succeed together. As an active member of our community, you’ll step into a supportive and trustworthy space built to foster collaboration and take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level – together! Connect with fellow female founders, exchange ideas, and find your perfect sparring partner within our vibrant community.

Through our partnership with Encourage Ventures, we offer even more support, including exciting networking events, dedicated female founder mentoring, and access to the encourage ventures network.

Join us to unlock these opportunities as a female founder within our Campus Founders Community!


A strong partnership to support Female Founders
Encourage Ventures' mission is to bring more diversity to the founder and investor landscape.
Their vision is to become an open and internationally networked ecosystem with over 1,000 registered investors, sustainably changing the startup landscape. The goal of our partnership with Encourage Ventures e.V. is to empower Female Founders in our Campus Founders Community.

How can you benefit from this Partnership?
• Joint networking and pitch events to facilitate women's access to Business Angel networks.
• Dedicated mentoring for Female Founders (via our Mentoring-Pool).
• Knowledge sharing on how to work with Business Angels.


Who is invited?
All Female Founders who are members of the Campus Founders Community are warmly invited to attend our quarterly Female Founder Exchange Events in Heilbronn, hosted in collaboration with Encourage Ventures.

Upcoming events will be announced on our website on our Events page.

What can you expect?
• Impulse from experts - At each event, experts will be invited to give an impulse and share their expertise in this intimate group.
• Pitches and Feedback - 2-3 startups will have the opportunity to pitch and get feedback, insights and motivation from the audience. This will all take place in a safe and trusted environment. If you would like to be one of these pitches, please sign up when you register for the event.

Meet the Team

Nicole Long


Carla Marquez



Head of Startups

The format of the Female Founder Exchange Night creates an impressive safe space for the participants. It helps to talk very openly about topics that really concern us as female founders. I have made new contacts every time and had the valuable opportunity to pitch my idea. As a result, I received overwhelming feedback and numerous offers of support. Thank you!"

Mascha Schönhof,

Co-Founder qru

Encourageventures is on a mission to foster greater diversity within the realm of female founders and investors. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we understand that this goal can only be achieved through the collective efforts of like-minded partners. That's why we are thrilled to count Campus Founders among our esteemed collaborators. Together, we have the unique opportunity to not only support diverse startups and business angels in Heilbronn, but also extend our reach far beyond, offering a range of resources to help bring their projects to fruition. From pitch events to mentoring programs to invaluable sparring partnerships, our joint efforts are dedicated to empowering the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Together, we can accomplish remarkable feats. 

Dr. Heike Wemhoff,

Managing Director Encourage Ventures

We are excited to support you through your entrepreneurial journey as a female founder! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions.

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