Community guidelines

As an entrepreneurship and co-innovation hub, Campus Founders supports energetic and passionate creators while guiding them through their entrepreneurial journey. To do this, the Campus Founders Community offers a central platform for founders, innovators, investors, students, and corporations to collaborate, co-innovate, and exchange. We strive to create an inspiring, empowering and active community, so we ask that all members agree to live by the following values when participating in the community.

As a Community, we value giving before receiving, collaboration over competition, and courageous action over sticking to the status quo.

We believe that our Community only works if we all contribute to it.

We share knowledge und offer help to other members in our Community.

Core Tenants of our Community

These guidelines apply to all who register, post, and engage in the Community. We expect our members to follow the spirit and letter of these guidelines across all interactions within Campus Founders and our Community. Failure to do so may affect your access to the Community.

By participating in our community, you have read and accepted these Community Guidelines.

Slack Code of Conduct

The Campus Founders Community Slack channel is a way for our members to connect digitally with one another, to ask and answer questions related to the entrepreneurial journey, and to share knowledge, resources, and upcoming opportunities.



  • Ask questions. More often than not, someone in the community has encountered a similar problem that you have. The community is here for a reason – ask away!
  • Answer questions. According to our values of giving before getting, help your fellow founders and innovators by answering questions or providing connections where you are able.
  • Share any upcoming opportunities or resources. Freely use the Community space on Slack to inform other members about any upcoming events or opportunities in the relevant channels.
  • Say hello to new members and welcome them into the community. A 👋 emoji goes a long way – just sayin’.
  • Post content in the appropriate channel. Help keep our channels organized by using the descriptions of each channel to help determine where your post fits.
  • Report violations. If you witness any violations of this Code of Conduct, please report them to the Community Manager.
  • Remember: The value you get out of Slack is equal to the value you put into it.



  • No discrimination or exclusionary behavior of any kind. We seek to be an inclusive and empowering community, where we do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. Discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • No spam, unsolicited advertising, or self-promotion (outside of relevant channels). If the self-promotion is a natural part of the conversation, that is fine, but any unsolicited self-promotion of your business/product/etc. will not be tolerated. Participate organically! Vendors or consultants may not reach out to members in comments or DMs unless explicitly invited to do so by the member.
    • Our channel #resources_&_content can be a channel for you to share any relevant products or services that you’re working on that might be helpful for the community, as long as you are acting with a helpful spirit, not a sales spirit.
    • If you’re asking for feedback on some of your work (like your website design or product features), please do so in a way that is truly seeking advice, not to sneak in a promotional post.
  • No double posting. Please don’t post repetitive messages across multiple channels – instead, find the most appropriate channel for your content and share it there.
  • Do not tag the channel (🚫 @Channel). This causes unnecessary notifications for members who do not necessarily want to be notified about certain posts.

With the support of the Campus Founders Community team, we want to empower each and every community member to participate and moderate this space. As such, if you see a post in our community that does not meet our guidelines, please let one of the Community Managers know. Thank you for your help keeping our community safe and thriving!

First time offenders will be warned and educated on proper community etiquette. Campus Founders reserves the right to remove repeat offenders from the Slack community and can lead to banishment from other Campus Founders offers.


Campus Lab Code of Conduct

Our Campus Lab on the Bildungscampus is the physical home for our community, a center of gravity for entrepreneurship and co-innovation. Here, we bring our community together in-person to accompany, inspire, inform, empower and network throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

Foremost, our Campus Lab is a safe, trustworthy, and respectful environment for everyone. In order to maintain this standard, we all adhere to the following Code of Conduct for interacting within the Campus Lab.



  • Focus on your projects, tasks, or ideas. The Campus Lab is the basis to expand and let these ideas grow, not to prepare for exams or the like.
  • Be honest. If something gets damaged or destroyed, we are honest about it and let the team know directly.
  • Clean-up workspaces and materials after using them. We return all furniture and materials back where we found them and collectively contribute to keeping the workspaces organized.
  • Help keep the kitchen clean. Everybody is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. This includes putting all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, throwing away garbage and putting empty bottles in their correct place. If the surfaces of the counter become dirty, we clean them.
  • Respect private spaces of the Campus Founders Team, such as fridges, cabinets, or offices.
  • Switch off lights and lock windows and doors, if you are the last person in the space.
  • Feel responsible and remind others about this code of conduct, if they are not acting appropriately.



  • Distribute flyers or hang posters without asking for permission from the Community Manager first.
  • Consume food outside of the community kitchen. Help us keep our space clean by only eating in the kitchen.
  • Leave food in the fridge for more than a day.
  • Consume drinks in cups without a lid in the open space. This includes coffee!


Please approach someone from the Community Team if something is empty or missing, or if you notice someone in violation of these guidelines. Serious violations from the Code of Conduct can lead to banishment from the Campus Lab, and possibly other Campus Founders offers.