Terms and Conditions



Table of contents
1. Scope of application
2. Conclusion of contract
3. Conclusion of contract for formats with application
procedures 4. Execution of the format, place of performance and online tools
5. Obligations of the participant to cooperate
6. Scope of services, work materials / travel / mobility / meals / accommodation
7. Work materials and copyright
8. Materials
9. Self-promotion of participants
10. Photographs and image rights
11. Publication of work results by Campus Founders
12. Further development and evaluation of work results
13. Liability, disruption to operations, duty of supervision, exclusion of claims
14. Health, hygiene and infection protection regulations
15. Withdrawal, termination and revocation
16. Prices, payment methods, due date
17. Confidentiality
18. Data protection and data processing
19. Applicability of German law, place of jurisdiction, online dispute resolution

1. Scope
(1) These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to the entire
business relationship between the participant (represented by their legal representative, if applicable) (hereinafter referred to as “participant”) and Campus Founders gGmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Campus Founders”) when concluding a contract for participation in a Campus Founders format.
(2) Campus Founders operates according to the principles of a non-profit institution for training and
further education in the field of entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
(3) All formulations in the masculine form refer equally to persons of all genders.
(4) Contradictory, deviating or supplementary general terms and conditions of the participant do not become part of the contract unless Campus Founders expressly agrees to their validity.
(5) If individual agreements have been made between the participant and Campus Founders
, these take precedence over the general terms and conditions for
Campus Founders formats.
(6) References to the validity of legal regulations are only of clarifying importance. Even without
such a clarification, the statutory provisions apply unless they
are expressly excluded in the general terms and conditions for Campus Founders formats.

2. Conclusion of the contract
(1) Legally relevant declarations and notifications by the participant in relation to the contract (e.g. setting a deadline, withdrawal or reduction) must be in writing, i.e. in written or text form within the meaning of Section 126b of the
German Civil Code in its currently applicable version ( e.g. letter, e-mail, fax). Statutory formal requirements and other evidence, especially in the case of doubts about the legitimacy of the declarant
, remain unaffected.
(2) Any representation of the formats on the Campus Founders website is not a binding
offer by Campus Founders to conclude a contract.
(3) If the participant registers online on the booking platform to participate in a format,
he will receive a confirmation of this, provided that participant places can still be allocated for the format.

3. Conclusion of contract for formats with application procedures
(1) The participant registers on the online application platform, accepting the General Terms and Conditions and confirming the data protection information. The application is made by the participant filling out the required
data fields and then sending the application within the application period. The application is merely an expression of interest on the part of the participant and not a binding offer to conclude a contract.
(2) The applicant will receive an
automated electronic confirmation of receipt immediately after submitting the application.
(3) Campus Founders selects applicants. The selected participant will receive a confirmation. The commitment by Campus Founders does not constitute a binding offer to conclude a
participation contract, but merely an invitation to make an offer. Unsuccessful applicants
will be rejected. The acceptance or rejection takes place at the latest within 14 days after the end of the
application period.
(4) The successful participant will be asked to immediately add contract-relevant information and to send the complete contract documents to Campus Founders. The transmission must take place within one week after the confirmation and represents a binding offer to conclude a contract. An effective contract offer also constitutes acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions
and the house rules. If the successful participant is not yet of legal age, their
legal representatives will also be asked to add contractually relevant information. Due to the
fact that the participant is a minor, the legal representatives give their consent in accordance with Section 107 of the German Civil Code.
(5) If Campus Founders accepts the successful participant’s offer, the participation contract is concluded. The acceptance takes place when the contract documents have been transmitted in full and
there are no other circumstances that are only now known and
are essential for the conclusion of the contract. The acceptance takes place after examination of the transmitted contract documents, at the latest after 2 weeks.
(6) Applicants who are unsuccessful in the first round have the option of being accepted in
a succession procedure. If this commitment is made, the procedure according to paragraph 4 and

4. Implementation of the format, place of fulfillment and online tools
(1) Lecturers, dates and place and procedure of the format are determined by Campus Founders at its discretion
(2) The place of fulfillment for the format implemented by Campus Founders is the
location selected by Campus Founders for the implementation of the format. The specification of the location of the format in the specific
service description of the format means that the individual formats usually
take place at this location. Campus Founders is entitled to move individual events of the format or the entire format
to another location in
to a reasonable distance or by telephone using digital media, provided that the participants are informed of this in good time, but at least 24 hours before the start of the format
. Campus Founders will only be liable for damage incurred by the participant as a result of a cancellation or relocation by Campus Founders under the conditions and within the limits of the
provisions of the “Liability” section.
(3) By concluding the contract for participation in a format, the participant is granted
access to the Campus Founders premises in accordance with these regulations and is entitled
to use them within the framework of the format. If the participant within the framework of the respective format
are entitled to further powers, these are contained in the specific service description of the respective format.
(4) Depending on capacity, the participant is entitled to take part in different events of the format with different focuses on different subject areas. There is no legally binding right to participate in a specific event within the framework of the format.
The scope of the events offered within a format can be found in the respective service description of the format.
(5) Formats or parts thereof can also be carried out online. Campus Founders uses common video conferencing tools for the virtual implementation
of a format (video call). Campus Founders
also uses a virtual web-based whiteboard and other web-based applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as online tools) for the interactive collaboration of the participants.
Campus Founders selects these online tools in particular based on the aspects of usability and
data protection. The participant is obliged to take the necessary technical precautions in
order to use these online tools. Further information on the data processing of these
services can be found in the data protection information, available at www.campusfounders.de. Campus
Founders is entitled to use other online tools if necessary. Campus Founders is too
entitled to replace existing online tools if this improves usability and/or the level of data protection.
(6) Campus Founders is entitled to carry out anonymous and/or pseudonymised data processing to analyze participant activities when using online tools in order to improve the teaching and learning content and the use of the formats or learning platform. The
participant agrees to this. Further information can be found in the data protection information
at www.campusfounders.de.
(7) Campus Founders is not obliged to back up data and assumes no liability for lost data or for the trouble-free functionality of the online tools used. It
It is up to the participants themselves to ensure that their work results are adequately secured.

5. Duties of the participant
to cooperate (1) For the proper handling of business transactions, it is particularly necessary that
the participant notifies Campus Founders of any changes to his name and contact details without delay
. Unless otherwise agreed, it is necessary for the proper and timely processing of all
formalities related to the format that the participant provides Campus Founders
with an e-mail address and checks it regularly. Schedules, changes, notes and
important information are usually made available to the participant by e-mail. Another
form of communication is possible, e.g. B. via chat if the participant has agreed to this form of communication.
(2) E-mail communication can be unencrypted. The participant must ensure that
the e-mail address is protected against access by unauthorized third parties.
(3) The participant must check certificates and other notifications from Campus Founders for
accuracy and completeness and raise any objections immediately.
(4) The participant is responsible for complying with the house and usage regulations of the Campus Founders.
Underage participants will be informed of this by their legal guardians.
(5) If the participant fails to attend a format or individual events of a format without an excuse, Campus Founders reserves the right to withhold fees already paid by the participant or to demand an outstanding fee. If the participant repeatedly fails to attend a format or an event without an excuse, Campus Founders is entitled to extraordinary termination.
(6) If underage participants stay away from individual events of a format, their legal representatives will be informed. If a participant is to be picked up by their legal representative during the format, they must inform Campus Founders in advance.
(7) Bringing dangerous objects, weapons etc. as well as bringing and consuming them
mind-expanding substances and alcohol are prohibited and will result in immediate exclusion from the respective format. In the case of underage participants, the legal representative will be informed.

6. Scope of services, work materials / travel / mobility / meals / accommodation
(1) Unless otherwise agreed, the service includes participation in the format and the
work materials.
(2) Unless otherwise agreed, the costs for travel and the costs or the provision of mobility, meals and accommodation are not
included in the scope of services. If listed in the service description of the specific format, Campus
Founders will endeavor to organize mobility, catering and accommodation. There is no legal entitlement to joint accommodation of the participants.
(3) If a leisure event is included in the respective format, it is not
main part of the format. In any case, leisure activities are provided by the respective provider to the participant. A contractual relationship regarding the provision of services
is exclusively between the participant and the leisure time organizer and not between the
participant and Campus Founders. Participants can participate in recreational events in this
case depending on capacity. The participant has no legal entitlement to the implementation of leisure events
and the possibility of participation vis-à-vis Campus Founders.
Campus Founders is not liable for third parties as leisure organizers. If recreational events under
support and supervision of the Campus Founders Coaches, their instructions
must be followed.

7. Working material and copyright
(1) The working material made available to the participant by Campus Founders in any form within the framework of the format – whether protected by copyright or not – is intended solely for the purpose
of participating in the format and for personal use. Any further
use and disclosure to third parties is prohibited and requires the prior express written consent of Campus Founders.
(2) If the participant violates this bid, he is liable for payment for each case of violation
subject to an appropriate contractual penalty. Campus Founders determines the contractual penalty based on the principles of equity. In the event of a dispute, the appropriateness of the amount of the stipulated contractual penalty can be reviewed before the competent court.

8. Materials
(1) In the event that partner companies provide the participants with materials (e.g. cameras, projectors)
, Campus Founders points out that the contractual loan relationship exists exclusively between the partner company and the participants. According to the loan agreement,
the items on loan are to be treated and stored with care and returned in a timely manner. Campus
Founders is not responsible for the handling of the Loans or any resulting damage to
the Loans. Safekeeping of the items on loan is also the responsibility of the
(2) Insofar as Campus Founders allows the participants, according to a separate agreement, any
If material resources are stored in Campus Founders’ rooms (e.g. lockers), Campus Founders assumes no liability for loss or damage during the storage period, unless Campus
Founders acts intentionally or with gross negligence.

9. Self-promotion of participants
(1) For the purpose of self-promotion, the participant is entitled to refer in a descriptive manner to his
participation in the format on his social media channels and on his website. This includes descriptive information on the title of the format as well as the naming of Campus Founders
gGmbH and any corporate partners involved.
(2) Additional information such as e.g. B. Reproduction of the logo of Campus Founders or
any corporate partner involved always requires prior express written
(3) The participant will always observe the confidentiality interests of any partner companies.

10. Recordings and image rights
(1) Campus Founders is entitled to make screenshots and other copies of the work steps, sketches, visualizations and textual
representations (hereinafter referred to as documents) as well as image, sound and video recordings of the participant as part of their participation in the format (hereinafter collectively referred to as recordings).
(2) Campus Founders is entitled to use the documents and recordings for the purposes of public relations and press work as well as for advertising purposes – to advertise this or other similar formats – online and offline, temporally and spatially. Campus Founders is particularly entitled
to reproduce the documents and recordings – in whole or in part – in the following media,
to be distributed and/or publicly reproduced:
– on the Campus Founders websites
– in the social media channels of Campus Founders
– in the context of press releases,
– for the illustration of lectures and activity reports,
– on flyers, in catalogues, on invitation cards and admission tickets as well on posters and in
– on online platforms on which Campus Founders is present
– for participation in competitions
– as part of documentation, activity or project reports
– for inclusion in a (image) database, on data carriers and digital media
(3) A publication obligation does not exist.
(4) Campus Founders is entitled to edit and retouch the recordings, as long as
this does not infringe the general personality rights of the participant.
(5) The participant waives his name, but agrees to his name being mentioned in
connection with the documents or recordings. (6) Campus Founders will not sublicense or otherwise transfer
the rights without the consent of the participant .
However, Campus Founders is entitled to grant rights of use to third parties within the scope of the purpose of the contract. In particular, Campus Founders is entitled to pass on the recordings to the partner companies of a format. These partner companies are in turn
entitled to use the documents and recordings to the same extent as Campus Founders,
provided this use is in the context of the format in which the partner company was involved.
(7) The recordings can be used free of charge.

11. Publication of work results by Campus Founders
Campus Founders is entitled, in the case of formats with work results,
to document these and the process steps, to record them in pictures or moving pictures and
to publish them in print or online media – in whole or in part. This also includes the naming of the participant as well as the
production and use of image and moving image recordings with and without sound. There is no obligation to publish.

12. Further development and evaluation of work results
The following applies to formats in which participants create work results alone or together with others
(1) Free use of ideas and concepts
Each participant is entitled to freely use the ideas and concepts developed within the framework of the format, either alone or in a group with other participants.
ii. Excluded from this are the visualizations
and textual representations of ideas and concepts developed with other participants (collectively referred to as documents). Use
of these documents is only permitted with the consent of all participants. However , this may
not be refused against good faith.
iii. The confidentiality interests of any partner companies must always be observed and
may restrict or exclude the publication of ideas, concepts or documents.
(2) Utilization of work results
i. If the participant has developed and created work results (e.g. prototypes, software) together with other work results (e.g. prototypes, software) as part of the task definition, each
participant is only entitled to free further development and evaluation of the work result if all participants involved in the work result have given their consent (by
e-mail or in writing).
ii. If the participant has developed a work result on his own, he is free in the further development
and evaluation.
iii. If the work result was created directly or indirectly on the basis of confidential information
from the partner company, the following applies: The use of these work results in connection with a direct competitor or a supplier of the competitor who is not also a supplier of the partner company is permitted without the prior written consent of the partner company , prohibited.
(3) Register protection rights
i. If a work result jointly developed or created by several participants can be registered (brand, design, utility model, patent), a register protection right can only be registered with the consent of all participants involved in the work result. In case of doubts about the share of participation, all participating participants have shared equally in the work result, unless a different share is proven.
ii. If the participant has developed a work result alone, he is free to apply for a property right.
(4) Statement on evaluation by partner companies
i. If the work result was
developed and created in a format in cooperation with a partner company, each participant shall declare to the partner company whether
which in turn can exclusively develop and/or evaluate the work result.
This requires the consent of all participants.
ii. The declaration can be made individually or jointly with the other participants.
iii. The declaration of consent must be made in writing or in text form, at the latest within 2 weeks at the request of the partner company, or at the latest one year after the end of the format.
iii. If the participant does not explain himself, his silence is considered a rejection.
(5) Evaluation by partner companies
i. If the consent of all those involved is given to the partner company, the company receives an exclusive, unrestricted right to further develop and evaluate the work result and is entitled to register a property right.
ii. The participants are free to conclude a further exploitation contract with the partner company for the further development and evaluation of the work result.
(6) Offering the work results to third parties
i. Only when the partner company has expressly declared that it
will not undertake the further development and evaluation of the work result and/or the contributors with
If no final agreement could be reached with the partner company, the participants can offer the work result to a third party for further development and/or evaluation.
ii. This requires the consent of all participating participants.
iii. If the work result has been developed directly or indirectly on the basis of confidential information
from the partner company, the following applies: The use of these work results by the participant in connection with a direct competitor or
a supplier of the competitor who is not also a supplier of the partner company is prohibited
without prior written consent consent of the partner company, prohibited.

13. Liability, disruption to operations, duty of supervision, exclusion of claims
(1) Campus Founders is liable for damages – for whatever legal reason – within the scope of
fault-based liability in the event of intent and gross negligence. In the event of simple negligence, Campus
Founders is only liable, subject to statutory limitations of liability (e.g. diligence in one’s own affairs; minor breach of duty), for damage resulting from injury to life, limb or
health and for damage resulting from the breach of a material contractual obligation (obligation,
the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on
the observance of which the contractual partner regularly relies and may rely); in this case the
However, liability is limited to compensation for foreseeable, typically occurring damage.
Other claims for damages by the participant are excluded.
(2) Campus Founders is not liable for damage caused by force majeure, riots, war and natural disasters or other events for which it is not responsible (e.g. strike, lockout, traffic disruption, orders from higher authorities at home or abroad, pandemics , acts of terrorism, official orders for disaster or health protection or for counter-terrorism, etc.) occur.
(3) The restrictions of the above provisions also apply to the legal representatives and vicarious agents of Campus Founders if claims are asserted directly against them.
(4) If the participant or their legal representative has contributed to the
occurrence of damage through culpable behavior (e.g. through violation of the obligations to cooperate listed in these contractual conditions), the principles of contributory negligence determine
the extent to which Campus Founders and the participant has to bear the damage. The participant, his legal representative and any vicarious agents are jointly and severally liable. (5) Campus Founders assumes no liability
for valuables such as jewellery, wristwatches, wallets, mobile phones, etc. that you bring with you. (6) Campus Founders has no legal or contractual supervisory obligation in connection with

Participant activities outside of the format. This applies in particular to the arrival and departure of the
participant. Any duty of supervision only begins when the participant arrives at the location of the format and ends with departure.

14. Health, hygiene and infection protection
regulations (1) The formats are regularly group events at which special precautionary measures may have to be taken to prevent and avoid the spread of infectious diseases. Campus Founders will provide information about the hygiene and infection protection regulations and special measures by means of an information sheet on site and
will educate and instruct the participants. The instructions must be followed.
(2) The participants and Campus Founders expressly undertake to comply with the requirements of the Federal Infection Protection Act and any measures under state law.
(3) If the participant requires medically unavoidable medication during the format and
if these cannot be taken independently before or after participation in the format
, the participant or his legal representative will inform Campus Founders of this in advance. The same applies to allergies and intolerances.

15. Withdrawal, termination and revocation
(1) Unless otherwise agreed, the participant can withdraw from the contract for participation in
the format. The withdrawal must be made in writing. At the request of the participant, the
receipt of the declaration of withdrawal will be confirmed by the Campus Founders.
(2) Insofar as the participation costs listed in the service description of the specific format are incurred,
the following applies in the event of withdrawal:
(3) If the withdrawal
is declared – up to 21 days before the start of the format, the participant must pay 30% of the fee.
– The participant must pay 50% of the fee up to 15 days before the start of the format.
– The participant must pay 75% of the fee up to 7 days before the start of the format.
(4) In the event of a withdrawal that occurs at a later point in time, 90% of the fee will be charged.
(5) Deviations from this regulation can be made in the service description for the respective format or as a gesture of goodwill
. The participant is free to prove that Campus Founders
actually incurred fewer costs as a result of the withdrawal. In this case, only the costs actually
incurred are to be reimbursed by the participant.
(6) The right of the Campus Founders and the participant to terminate the contract for good cause remains unaffected. Campus Founders is particularly entitled to terminate the contract without notice if
a) the participant
is in arrears with the payment of the participation costs due for the respective format and does not pay within a period of four weeks despite a written deadline and a threat of possible termination by Campus Founders
b) the behavior of the participant violates the proper format process or in the If participation in a format series significantly disrupts the trusting cooperation with Campus Founders,
their employees, the lecturers or the other participants, despite a warning and
a deadline. Section 323 (2) of the German Civil Code applies accordingly.
c) the minimum number of participants specified in the specifications of the format was not reached. In this case, the participant will be allowed to take part in an alternative format
allows. If participation in an alternative format is not possible or expressly
not desired, the fee for participation will be reimbursed.

16. Prices, payment methods, due date
(1) All prices specified in the service description of the formats are total prices in euros. They
contain the applicable statutory sales tax and other price components.
(2) Payment of the fee is generally made on account.
(3) Upon conclusion of the contract, the participant will receive an invoice for the participation costs resulting from the service description of the respective format. The invoice amount is
to be transferred to the Campus Founders account specified in the invoice.
(4) Deviating from this, the invoice is due immediately upon receipt by the participant, provided that the contract
for participation in the respective format is made within 14 days before the start of the format.
The cost consequences of a withdrawal are explicitly pointed out. (5) Unless otherwise specified
in the description of the respective format, a possible payment obligation of the participant is not affected by the fact that he/she does not take part in the format , unless Campus Founders has caused non-participation by breach of contract. (6) Timely payment of any participation costs incurred for the format is a prerequisite for participation in the format. Campus Founders is therefore not obliged to allow the participant to participate in the format if the participant is in arrears with payment of at least 50% of the participation costs to be paid.

17. Confidentiality
(1) The participant undertakes to keep all information accessible to him/her in connection with this contract that is designated as confidential or that is recognizable
as business or trade secrets of Campus Founders or the
corporate partner involved in the format according to other circumstances and have been marked as “strictly confidential”
(hereinafter collectively referred to as information), to keep them secret for an indefinite period and – if not
required to achieve the purpose of the contract – neither to record nor to pass on or exploit. This includes in particular technical and non-technical information, data, ideas, inventions, business secrets and/or know-how as well as other information that is
marked as confidential or is recognizable as such.
(2) The participant undertakes to take all reasonable precautions to protect the confidentiality of the
information. Documents or papers containing information or copies or recordings thereof must be returned to Campus Founders or any partner company involved
immediately upon request .
Any right of retention is excluded.
(3) The duty of confidentiality does not apply to information
• that was already public knowledge at the time of disclosure or becomes public knowledge thereafter without non-compliance with the above provisions being one of the reasons for this
• was already in the participant’s lawful possession prior to disclosure,
• are disclosed by a third party without violating a confidentiality obligation, or
• which must be disclosed due to a legal obligation or another official or legal order. The participant bears the burden of proof for the existence of one
of the above exceptions.
(4) If the participant violates the requirement of secrecy, he is obliged to pay an appropriate contractual penalty for each case of violation. Campus Founders determines the contractual penalty based on the principles of equity. In the event of a dispute, the appropriateness of the amount of the stipulated contractual penalty
can be reviewed before the competent court.

18. Data protection and data processing
(1) If the participant receives access to personal data when providing the contractual services
, he will observe the applicable data protection regulations, in particular process personal data exclusively for the purpose of participating in the format.
(2) In addition, the participant agrees that data of the individual attendance times (participation or non-participation in events, logging in and length of stay in online tools) may be stored and evaluated to improve the service. For this purpose,
the name, postcode and access data (name, email, login data) of the participants are recorded
and evaluated anonymously to measure the conversion rate and the success of formats.

19. Applicability of German law, place of jurisdiction, online dispute resolution
(1) German law applies to the business relationship between the participant and Campus Founders
(2) If the participant is a merchant, a legal entity under public
law or a special fund under public law, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the
contractual relationship between the participant and Campus Founders is exclusively the Campus Founders headquarters in Heilbronn.
(3) The European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution (so-called OS platform) at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. It is noted that
Campus Founders
does not participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer dispute arbitration board.
Heilbronn, October 1st, 2020

These annexes are part of this Residency Membership Agreement:


Annex 1 Residency Membership – Services and Prices (current version)

Annex 2 Residency Membership – Terms and Conditions

Annex 3 Conditions for the use of the network (WLAN and LAN) and the Internet in the Campus Lab



Version 01

Valid from 01.05.2023



  1. The offers and services provided by CF Ventures include the provision of office workspaces, workshop areas, as well as the establishment and maintenance of a startup-friendly community at the Campus Lab located at Bildungscampus 1, 74076 Heilbronn (hereinafter referred to as “Campus Lab”).
  2. The offer includes the temporary paid use of communal areas and workspaces, including internet access (WLAN), the provision of meeting and conference rooms, virtual offices, lockers within the offered workspace rates, and associated services and office infrastructure. The premises are not provided for residential purposes.


  1. Depending on the selected/offered package, use of the space is limited to the type and/or usage time specified below. With packages that offer flexible workspaces, there can be no guarantee of the availability of free workspaces at all times. The service offers, prices, and conditions can be found in the current price and service list on campusfounders.de.

3.1. Day Pass: The Day Pass allows the use of the Campus Lab during opening hours. Free choice of workspace in the FlexDesk area, with a “Clean Desk” policy. Day tickets cannot be rebooked or canceled. Day tickets are personalized and cannot be transferred to other individuals.

3.2. Flex Desk: The Member is assigned an available desk at the discretion of CF Ventures. The workspace must be completely cleared by the Member at the end of each usage day (“Clean Desk” policy).

3.3. Fix Desk: Power is available at each workspace.

3.4. Private Office: The workspaces are equipped with a height-adjustable desk and high-quality swivel chair. The number of persons indicated for the Private Offices describes the maximum number of included Residency Members. Unused team memberships expire and cannot be transferred to subsequent months or split between multiple (part-time) persons. Any additional person working beyond the defined number of persons for the respective office must book an additional Residency Membership.

3.5. Business Address: When booking a business address (virtual office), the customer will be notified by email at least 3 days after receipt of mail. The customer is obliged, unless otherwise agreed, to collect their mail within 7 days.  After the termination of this service offer, the Residency Member is obliged to ensure that the business address is no longer active with third parties or is redirected by means of a mail forwarding request.




  1. The use of Campus Lab is subject to CF Ventures’ house rules in the current version. These rules can be found at the entrance of Campus Lab as well as on the Campus Founders website.
  2. Basic services such as electricity, heating, and basic cleaning of the workspace or offices are included in the Residency Membership costs. CF Ventures is not responsible for compliance with workplace regulations, workplace guidelines, and/or other legal requirements related to the customers’ business operations.
  3. High-performance WLAN is available as an open network throughout the Campus Lab. Individual, closed networks can be set up for a fee. Own networks may only be installed with prior approval by CF Ventures.
  4. CF Ventures is authorized to close the Campus Lab in its entirety or in partial areas for separate events or maintenance work and deny access to the Residency Member during the closure period. The time and duration of the closure will be announced at least 3 days before the closure, if possible.




Version 01

Valid from 01.05.2023 



1.     The following Residency Membership Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by CF Ventures GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “CF Ventures”) to its customers or users (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) for the provision of paid use of premises, infrastructure, and resources.

2.     There is no rental or lease agreement between the parties.

3.     Member terms and conditions that contradict or go beyond these terms and conditions shall not apply without express written confirmation by CF Ventures.




1.     For the Residency Membership, the Primary Contact from the contract is registered as the Member. The Primary Contact acts as an administrator and can add and cancel services, as well as name additional Members.

2.     The Primary Contact is obligated to impose usage-related obligations on the Members named by him/her according to this contract and its General Terms and Conditions.

3.     A Residency Membership is always assigned to specific individuals. Only the officially named person is entitled to use the premises, infrastructure, and resources within the scope of the booked services.

4.     The use of work desks, offices, inventory, personalized Campus Cards, and authorizations granted through the app may not be transferred or made accessible to third parties. Deviating regulations must be individually agreed upon and are required in written form.

5.     The number of Member persons is variable. A limitation of the number is at the discretion of CF Ventures. If for essential reasons, the exchange of a Member person is necessary, this can be done during the term of the contract after consultation with CF Ventures. The decision regarding the exchange is at the discretion of CF Ventures.

6.     CF Ventures reserves the right to reject individual Members if they do not comply with the agreed-upon usage obligations and the Code of Conduct.




  1. The start and scope of services of the contract are defined in the contract and its annexes, which is signed by both parties.
  2. Members have no claim to enter into a contract. CF Ventures is free to reject any offer to conclude a contract without giving reasons.
  3. By entering into the contract, the Primary Contact confirms that the data provided is complete and truthful. The Member agrees to notify CF Ventures immediately of any changes to their personal data.
  4. The Member is entitled to add further memberships at any time. The services and prices of the respective membership are determined by the conditions applicable at the time of the additional booking. The additional booking of a membership is subject to availability.
  5. CF Ventures is entitled to use the Member’s name as well as logos and trademarks of the Member on the homepage, in advertising brochures, in social media channels and any other advertising.




Requirements for claiming services:

  1. Members are obligated to provide current contact and further contract-related information. Members explicitly agree that legally significant declarations by Campus Founders can be sent either in writing via postal service or electronically via email.
  2. Members have thoroughly examined the equipment prior to the commencement of the contractual relationship and have recognized its functionality.
  3. Workstations may only be used for the designated operation and purpose of office use. Any change in the operation requires written approval from CF Ventures. Any violation of this provision authorizes CF Ventures to terminate the contract without notice.
  4. The Residency Membership generally entitles to use the Campus Lab 24/7, but not on public holidays and between 24.12. and 06.01.). The use of DayPasses is only possible during the general opening hours (Mon.-Fri. from 9:00 – 18:00 hrs). General opening hours are posted locally and on the Campus Founders website. Campus Founders reserves the right to change the opening hours. Use of the Campus Lab outside general opening hours is granted according to the booked service packages.
  5. Access, particularly outside general opening hours, is only possible with the personalized Campus Card. Loss of the Campus Card must be reported immediately via email. Members must protect the key cards they have been given from loss and theft. The Campus Card may not be given or made accessible to third parties without prior agreement with CF Ventures. A member’s negligent payment default authorizes CF Ventures to deny access until the outstanding balances are settled. Members are fully responsible for replacement and blocking of the Campus Card in case of loss (a one-time fee of a flat rate of €25 net per Campus Card).
  6. Persons who are not members must be checked in as guests at the reception. 




  1. Members must show respect for other members and not disturb or cause nuisance of any kind.
  2. The use of the Campus lab is only permitted for legally permissible purposes.
  3. Members must treat offices and the contents within, especially furniture and technical equipment, with care. Members must report any damage to CF Ventures (at the Welcome Desk or at residency@campusfounders.de) immediately.
  4. Members are responsible for protecting personal property, particularly valuables, as well as documents and data against unauthorized access by third parties.
  5. Poaching is prohibited on Campus Lab premises. “Poaching” includes any unfair behavior that aims to interfere with or terminate ongoing contractual relationships between Campus Founders and contractual partners, particularly through active solicitation, coercion, or excessive enticement, as well as other behavior covered by § 4 UWG.
  6. The publication of confidential and/or legally protected information regarding the projects in the Campus Lab is prohibited. This includes technical data, trade secrets, know-how, research, product plans, drawings, or any other information regarding the products or services and markets of a disclosing party. “Legal protection” includes all rights that are subject to special legal protection for intellectual and commercial achievements, which are registered by the respective owner of the rights. In this context, “legal protection” also includes copyright and supplementary competition law protection.
  7. Painting or sticking advertising materials and other writings and signs on the Campus Lab, as well as placing / displaying / hanging etc. of advertising materials and the like (including surveys, information, etc.) of any kind is prohibited without the express written permission of CF Ventures.




  1. All prices are net prices plus the currently applicable value-added tax and refer to the services included in the selected membership tariff. Additional services are to be paid separately. The separately indicated tariffs/prices on campusfounders.de apply in this case.
  2. The contributions are to be paid with a discharging effect to the following account of Campus Founders Ventures GmbH:

    • Kreissparkasse Heilbronn

    • IBAN: DE48 6205 0000 0000 6136 62


  3. The invoicing for the booked services is done in advance for the upcoming month of usage. This is generally done automatically online and can be delivered via email in individual cases. There is no postal delivery.
  4. Payment is due within 14 days after the invoice has been issued.
  5. Invoices can also be paid automatically by credit card. Alternatively, an invoice will be issued with a request for a bank transfer.
  6. If a Member is in arrears with payment, CF Ventures reserves the right to charge the member with default costs if these costs were caused by the member’s fault. In addition to default interest at the statutory rate, this includes the costs of appropriate legal action, in particular reminder and collection expenses, court fees, and legal fees. If the member is in arrears with the payment of an amount equivalent to the sum of two monthly total contributions, CF Ventures is entitled to terminate the contract without notice for good cause. In this case, CF Ventures is entitled to claim further damages in accordance with the statutory provisions.




1.     CF Ventures processes the data of Members in accordance with the current provisions of data protection regulations, the Federal Data Protection Act, and any applicable state data protection laws. The Members will be separately informed about data processing in connection with the fulfillment of the contract in the attached data protection information document (see annex).

2.     Members agree that their personal data necessary for contract fulfillment will be stored on data carriers.



  1. The possibility to terminate a Membership is determined by the following regulations: In general, the termination of a Membership is only possible after a term of 12 weeks. The notice period is generally one month to the end of the month. For the use of a Private Office, the notice period for Startups is one month, Ecosystem Partners is three months, until the end of the month.
  2. Both parties may terminate the contractual relationship in accordance with these periods without stating reasons. The right to premature termination for good cause remains unaffected for both parties and for all cases. All terminations must be in text form. The written termination can be made by email to residency.membership@campusfounders.de.
  3. CF Ventures may terminate the contract with immediate effect without notice if there is a reason for extraordinary termination. This is the case if the Member is in default with its payment obligations twice, culpably breaches its contractual obligations in other ways, or disturbs the peace in such a sustained manner that a continuation of the contractual relationship is not reasonable. Furthermore, if the basis for the usage relationship with the Member ceases to exist (change or dissolution of the Member’s business operations).
  4. In addition, the user is obliged to hand over the used Private Offices/FixDesks swept clean after termination of the contract. All items brought in by the user are to be removed, and the original condition is to be restored. CF Ventures will remove visible signs of wear and tear and damage to floors, walls or inventory at the expense of the Member, plus a processing fee of 15% of the costs incurred for removal.
  5. With the expiration of the contract term, CF Ventures will block access authorization in connection with the Campus Card. If necessary, the Member must take further steps to terminate in accordance with the terms of use of the Campus Card.
  6. If the Member does not vacate the workspace at the end of the contract, they are liable to CF Ventures for all damages resulting from the delayed return, even if they exceed the amount of the loss of use fee.




  1. CF Ventures may carry out repairs, renovations, and structural modifications that are appropriate for the preservation and expansion of the building or workplace or for the prevention of hazards or the elimination of damages, after giving reasonable notice and consultation with the members. In case of imminent danger, no approval or notice is required. The Member must keep their workplace accessible in such cases. The member is not entitled to reduce the usage fee due to appropriate works. Claims for damages are excluded.
  2. CF Ventures provides the Member with equipment and technical devices (e.g. flat screens, projectors), as well as other furnishings, in perfect condition. The technical devices and other furnishings must be handled with care. Any abusive use is prohibited, and any damage will be charged to the member responsible for it.
  3. CF Ventures is authorized to close the Campus Lab in its entirety or in partial areas for separate events or maintenance work and deny access to the Member during the closure period. The time and duration of the closure will be announced at least 3 days before the closure, if possible.



  1. The Member has thoroughly inspected the workspaces before concluding the contract. They acknowledge that the workspaces are partly located in an open-plan office and cannot be separately locked, except for the private offices. Due to the known condition, the Member waives any claims under §§ 536, 536a of the German Civil Code (BGB). No claims for reduction of rent exist in this regard. The Member acknowledges that the workspace, including all furnishings, is in contractual condition before use.
  2. The Members are liable for all damages beyond the contractual wear and tear caused by them, their vicarious agents and third parties who entered the premises at the instigation of the members. The Members are obliged to present a valid liability insurance for the time of their stay, which covers damages to the building, to the equipment or to people, caused by the users themselves or by third parties, who entered the premises at the instigation of the users.
  3. CF Ventures does not insure objects, documents or data brought into the premises against, for example, fire, water, theft, burglary or vandalism. In this respect, CF Ventures is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to these items, documents, or data, insofar as this is not due to grossly negligent or intentional conduct on the part of a legal representative or team member or other vicarious agents of Campus Founders or CF Ventures. CF Ventures recommends taking out appropriate insurance (e.g. business contents insurance / electronics insurance).
  4. In all cases where CF Ventures is obliged to pay damages or reimbursement of expenses in business transactions due to contractual or legal claims, CF Ventures is only liable if it, its team members, or vicarious agents have acted with intent or gross negligence, or have violated life, body, or health. The liability for the culpable breach of essential contractual obligations remains unaffected. However, liability is limited to the foreseeable, typical contractual damage. Liability for consequential damages, in particular for lost profits or compensation for third-party damages, is excluded unless CF Ventures acted with intent or gross negligence.
  5. CF Ventures assumes no liability for the violation of third-party protective rights regarding the work of users as well as the transmission of data and data carriers by the user. The Member is responsible for ensuring that all competition law, copyright law, trademark law, data protection law, or other violations of the law are avoided in the context of the contractual relationship with CF Ventures. If CF Ventures becomes aware of such legal violations, it has the right to terminate the contractual relationship immediately. In case of legal violations, the Member indemnifies CF Ventures against any claims by third parties. The member shall reimburse CF Ventures for the costs of legal proceedings in the amount of the statutory attorney fees if CF Ventures is held liable by third parties due to a legal violation.




  1. CF Ventures reserves the right to change these Residency Membership Terms and Conditions at any time without giving reasons, unless this is unreasonable for the user. CF Ventures will notify Members of any changes to the Residency Membership Terms and Conditions in a timely manner. If the user does not object within two weeks of being notified, the changed Residency Membership Terms and Conditions shall be deemed accepted by the Member.
  2. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.
  3. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of CF Ventures in Heilbronn.
  4. If individual provisions are wholly or partially invalid or lose their legal effect at a later point, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected. In this case, the parties agree to replace the invalid provision with a valid provision that, to the extent legally possible, comes closest to reflecting the interests expressed in these terms and conditions. The same applies in the event that any additions become necessary.



Version 01

Valid from 01.05.2023



These terms of use regulate the rights and obligations in connection with the use of the WLAN / LAN access in the Campus Lab.




  1. We provide you with access to the internet in the form of a WLAN/LAN access (“hotspot”) for use in the Campus Lab. The service is included in the monthly fees of the Residency Membership and there are no additional costs.
  2. The provision of the hotspot is subject to our respective technical and operational capabilities. There is no entitlement to a functioning hotspot or to a specific geographical coverage of the hotspot.
  3. Despite careful installation and maintenance of our systems, we cannot guarantee that the hotspot can be used without disruptions or interruptions. We also cannot guarantee transmission speeds.
  4. We reserve the right to change, restrict or discontinue access to the hotspot with short notice in case of necessary technical repairs and maintenance.
  5. There is no entitlement to the use of certain services via the hotspot. Port blocks can be implemented, for example. Typically, internet browsing and sending and receiving emails are allowed.




  1. We offer our Campus Lab WiFi/LAN only to members of the Campus Lab and their guests. It is not a publicly accessible telecommunications service, but an internal WiFi/LAN.
  2. The condition for use is that you accept these terms of use at the beginning of the use of the hotspot. This is done by signing the membership contract and confirming that you have read and acknowledged these Terms of Use..
  3. The current version of these Terms of Use applies. They are available for download on our website at www.campusfounders.de.




  1. You are obliged to provide truthful information about yourself that is requested during the use of the service.
  2. You are obliged to comply with the applicable laws when using our hotspot. Other obligations arising from other provisions of these Terms of Use remain unaffected.




As a user, you are prohibited from any actions when using the hotspot that violate applicable law, infringe upon the rights of third parties, or violate the principles of youth protection.

In particular, the following actions are prohibited:

  1. Uploading, distributing, offering and advertising pornographic, violating youth protection laws, data protection law and/or other laws and/or fraudulent content, services and/or products;
  2. Publication or dissemination of content that insults or defames other participants or third parties;
  3. Use, provision and distribution of content, services and/or products that are legally protected or burdened with the rights of third parties (e.g. copyright) without being expressly authorized to do so;
  4. Publicly making available copyrighted works or other copyright-infringing actions, in particular when using so-called “Internet file-sharing” or file-sharing services. Furthermore, regardless of any potential violation of the law, the following activities are prohibited when uploading your own content to the service provider’s website or when communicating with other users (e.g. by sending personal messages, participating in discussion forums, etc.):
  5. Transmission of above-average amounts of data and in particular the sustained transmission of such amounts of data;
  6. Hosting a web server or other server by using a hotspot of the service provider;
  7. Changing the default DNS servers in the network settings of the service provider’s hotspot;
  8. Sending junk or spam mails and chain letters;
  9. Distributing viruses, trojans and other harmful files;
  10. Disseminating suggestive, offensive, sexually oriented, obscene, or defamatory content or communication, as well as content or communication that is capable of promoting or supporting racism, fanaticism, hatred, physical violence, or unlawful acts (explicitly or implicitly);
  11. Soliciting other users or third parties to disclose passwords or personal data for commercial or illegal purposes. Also prohibited is any action that is capable of impairing the smooth operation of our hotspot, in particular excessively burdening our systems.




We may temporarily or permanently block users’ access to the hotspot if there are concrete indications that they have violated these terms of use and/or applicable law or if we have another legitimate interest in blocking access.




  1. Residency Members are responsible for all actions they take in connection with their use of the Internet via our hotspot.
  2. Residency Members indemnify CF Ventures from any claims made by third parties against us for a user’s violation of legal regulations, third-party rights (in particular personality, copyright and trademark rights), or contractual obligations, representations or warranties, including the costs of necessary legal defense (lawyer’s and court costs in the statutory amount) upon first request.
  3. Residency Members are obliged to cooperate immediately and fully in the clarification of the facts and to make the necessary information available to us in an appropriate manner in the event of claims being made in accordance with §7 paragraph 2.




In cases of slight negligence, CF Ventures shall only be liable for breach of material contractual obligations (cardinal obligations), but limited in amount to the damages that were foreseeable and typical for the contract at the time of conclusion of the contract in the event of personal injury. Cardinal obligations are those obligations that make proper performance of the contract possible and on which the member may regularly rely. In all other respects, the pre-contractual, contractual and non-contractual liability of CF Ventures is limited to intent and gross negligence. The aforementioned limitations of liability also apply in the event of the fault of CF Ventures’ vicarious agents.




In order to provide the services of the hotspot for you, the use of personal data from your end device is necessary. In this context, MAC addresses of end devices may be temporarily stored. Furthermore, we may store protocol data (“log files”) on the nature and extent of the use of the services. This data cannot be directly attributed to your person.



  1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.
  2. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of CF Ventures in Heilbronn.
  3. If individual provisions are wholly or partially invalid or lose their legal effect at a later point, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected. In this case, the parties agree to replace the invalid provision with a valid provision that, to the extent legally possible, comes closest to reflecting the interests expressed in these terms and conditions. The same applies in the event that any additions become necessary.


ANNEX 4 / RESIDENCY MEMBERSHIP – Campus Lab Code of Conduct

Version 01

Valid from 01.05.2023

Our Campus Lab on the Bildungscampus is the physical home for our community, a center of gravity for entrepreneurship and co-innovation. Here, we bring our community together in-person to accompany, inspire, inform, empower and network throughout the entrepreneurial journey.


Foremost, our Campus Lab is a safe, trustworthy, and respectful environment for everyone. In order to maintain this standard, we all adhere to the following Code of Conduct for interacting within the Campus Lab.



  • Focus on your projects, tasks, or ideas. The Campus Lab is the basis to expand and let these ideas grow, not to prepare for exams or the like.
  • Be honest. If something gets damaged or destroyed, we are honest about it and let the team know directly.
  • Clean-up workspaces and materials after using them. We return all furniture and materials back where we found them and collectively contribute to keeping the workspaces organized.
  • Help keep the kitchen clean. Everybody is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. This includes putting all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, throwing away garbage and putting empty bottles in their correct place. If the surfaces of the counter become dirty, we clean them.
  • Respect private spaces of the Campus Founders Team, such as fridges, cabinets, or offices.
  • Switch off lights and lock windows and doors, if you are the last person in the space.
  • Feel responsible and remind others about this code of conduct, if they are not acting appropriately.



  • Distribute flyers or hang posters without asking for permission from the Community Manager first.
  • Consume food outside of the community kitchen. Help us keep our space clean by only eating in the kitchen.
  • Leave food in the fridge for more than a day.
  • Consume drinks in cups without a lid in the open space. This includes coffee!


Please approach someone from the Community Team if something is empty or missing, or if you notice someone in violation of these guidelines. Serious violations from the Code of Conduct can lead to banishment from the Campus Lab, and possibly other Campus Founders offers.