Talent scholarship program

Start your entrepreneurial journey now!

Be the entrepreneurial talent that changes the world and get the support you need !

In this 6-months Talent Scholarship Program Campus Founders supports you and your team to explore and validate your own startup idea. As support, we offer you a scholarship containing workshops, tools and methodologies as well as experienced coaches and startup mentors as sparring partner. Work in an inspiring place at the Campus Founders Lab in Heilbronn and get full integration into our founders community. In addition, you get a base funding, so that you can focus on your idea.

The goal of this program is to shape your idea, understand the potential market behind, build a first MVP and gain confidence through validation to proceed with your startup idea.

Don’t wait to apply for this unique chance. Seats are limited and will go to the teams that convince us through their motivation and commitment.


Important part of the application process is the talent meet-up. We invite all individuals and teams that made it through the first round to meet each other, exchange about ideas and maybe find additional team members for the 6 month entrepreneurial journey.

How you can apply
Submit your first application with a short questionnaire including a short introduction video about yourself
Second round
Fill out the team matching questionnaire
Talent Meet-up
Get to know the current Talents and meet the other applicants for potential matching
Selection Committee
Selection by Campus Founders

If you don't have a team yet, we help you to team up

Start your entrepreneurial journey now!

Participation in the program is free of charge. You just have to convince us of your motivation, commitment and idea.

Anyone! No matter if you are a registered student or not, the program is for anyone who wants to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Teamwork makes a dream work. We are convinced that teams create great benefits. You can register as a team (2+ people). Alternatively, it is also possible that only one person from your team is a participant in the Talent Scholarship Program and the other team members only benefit from the coaching as members of our community, but do not receive any funding

You apply with your own idea, which ideally has already undergone initial validation, e.g., initial interviews have already been conducted.
Learning is in the foreground. We will pick you up where you are at the moment. No matter if you already have methodological knowledge, if your idea is still in its infancy or if you already have the first validations behind you, we will develop you and your project further together.
The goal of the Talent Scholarship Program is to bring you as close as possible to the official foundation and launch of your start-up. During the 6 months you will constantly validate and iterate your idea so that at the end you know who your customer is, what your product offers and what you can achieve in the market. For this, we will work out your problem-solution fit, and your product-market fit.
Each team member will receive €500 per month to allow you to fully immerse yourself in your entrepreneurial journey.

The Talent Scholarship Program is a full-time program, which is why we expect you to put in around 40 hours a week into the program and your startup. In addition, you must personally attend all workshops and coaching sessions on site in Heilbronn and spend 2 working days in the Campus Founders Lab. The workshops do not take place on a specific date, so time flexibility is a prerequisite. One idea would be to take a vacation semester off during your studies.

No, we believe in the benefits of peer learning and consider personal exchange with the other teams and our community very important. We are convinced that the exchange in the Space with other founders, mentors or even investors will provide you with incredible added value. That’s why we expect you to spend at least two working days a week with us at the Space in Heilbronn and to attend all workshops and coaching sessions in person.

No, you do not receive ECTS through the program. However, you can have the Talent Scholarship Program recognized as a compulsory internship during your studies.
The Talent Scholarship Program gives you 6 months to fully immerse yourself in your entrepreneurial journey and focus on your own startup. In the first 3 months you will get regular input through workshops that will help you develop your startup. The workshops will help you better understand your customer, your product and your market. Throughout the 6 months you will validate and iterate your idea, getting closer and closer to your launch. The program includes an interim evaluation after 3 months and concludes with a final pitch. However, this doesn’t mean that your startup journey at Campus Founders is finished, it’s just the beginning… 😉
In principle, the program language is English. Individual coaching sessions can also be conducted in German for German-speaking teams.
  • You get the freedom to develop your idea and your personal, as well as professional skillset. Develop yourself further in our 3-month workshop series.
  • Explore in a safe space. Get the support you need through regular coaching and exchange with experienced founders.
  • Become part of our unique startup community of like-minded founders, mentors and investors in our modern office in Heilbronn.
  • Focus full-time on your startup through a scholarship.
Currently we cannot offer accommodation.

All team members need to apply for the Talent Scholarship Program separately.