Campus Founders launch international LearnTech Hub with European Impact

The Campus Founders launch their most important flagship project and initiate a brand new and so far unique hub in Europe: The LearnTech Hub will foster technologies and innovations with international impact.

Learning and working in our society will be revolutionized in the process to show a vision for the key competencies of the future. For the Campus Founders, who announced the project on the occasion of the current Learntec trade fair in Karlsruhe, the LearnTech Hub is a strategic milestone and lighthouse project in the implementation of their goals.

Our LTH Team at the LearnTec Trade Fair in Karlsruhe

The Campus Founders have been developing the next generation of founders, innovators and startups on the education campus in Heilbronn for years. Now they are increasing their social impact and their power of transformation even further with ambitious goals: They are the initiator and strategic partner of the LearnTech Hub. Further companies and partners are to be integrated in order to take on a leading role in Europe. The goal: to unite Europe’s most creative minds in a unique ecosystem around education and work of the future. The LearnTech Hub is led by Fabian Klein, who himself founded an edtech startup with Studybees and was most recently responsible for the corresponding startup programs of Campus Founders.

“Our world will change dramatically in the coming years. New ways of working need new ways of education. The days of having finished school and training are definitely over. Whether it’s digitization, artificial intelligence or new work, anyone who wants to keep pace with the new world needs to be able to develop and learn in the right way. This is exactly where the LearnTech Hub comes in and fosters groundbreaking technological innovations and startups with this industry focus,” says Oliver Hanisch, CEO of Campus Founders.

The whole team of the LTH at the Campus Lab

Campus Founders and the LearnTech Hub are located on the educational campus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation in Heilbronn. Eleven educational and scientific institutions offer a diverse range of programs for all facets of lifelong learning – a unique ecosystem in one of the economically strongest and most dynamic regions in Europe. Oliver Hanisch adds: “The Learntech Hub is an absolute flagship project of Campus Founders. We are striving for a European center of excellence from which groundbreaking innovations and revolutionary ideas for the prosperity of future generations will emerge. That is the standard by which we want to be benchmarked.”

Broad access to innovative educational technologies

The LearnTech Hub’s offering is aimed at startups, companies and educational institutions. Innovations are to be developed jointly in an ecosystem around education and work of the future that is unique to date. “Modern educational technologies should be made available to more people than ever before. This is how we contribute to an innovative society,” says Fabian Klein, himself founder of an edtech startup and head of the LearnTech Hub. The development of the most innovative technologies in the fields of edtech, HR tech and new work will be accelerated by the LearnTech Hub. Parts of the offering already come from the Campus Founders program. 30 startups are directly involved in the launch and already cover a wide variety of early-stage innovations: the company “Greple”, for example, offers a solution for artificial intelligence in HR, Aivy is an assessment solution, and the edtech startup Stackfuel makes employees fit for the future with their trainings around data. In addition, there are another 20 network partners joining the Learntech Hub. By the end of the year, more than 100 startups are expected to be in the hub.

LearnTech Hub members not only benefit from the ever-growing network, but also have access to exclusive events, workshops and to renowned investors. Within the LearnTech Hub there are different formats for startups, companies and educational institutions, which are offered by the various strategic partners of the Hub.

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