BREAKING NEWS: CF member mikan receives an investment of 200,000 EUR

Date: July 09th, 2021

We are proud that mikan – a member of CAMPUS FOUNDERS, by the way – was able to reach such a significant milestone. In the interview, we asked mikan what inspired them to found the start-up and what they plan to do with their investment of 200,00 EURO

Describe your company in 3 words

Very digital Food-Ticket!

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: What makes mikan special?

mikan: We founded our company out of the motivation to create real added value with a sustainable business model. With mikan we bring all parties together in one marketplace and design the processes completely digitally, thus creating a new, fair offer. What makes mikan special is the network and partnerships that have emerged on the journey so far and will hopefully continue to emerge.

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: How did you find each other as a team?

mikan: We come from different areas and industries. Mischal and Sven met Andreas (Ly) at a gastro hackathon. From that point on, they stayed in contact. Jifraj and Moritz worked together with Andreas (Ly) on an ordering platform. Mischal, Sven, Nora and Andreas (Saal) decided to implement the digital meal ticket. Through the open exchange, it quickly became clear that it made sense to continue working together.
Hard to imagine before Corona: apart from video conferences, some of the founders saw each other in person for the first time at the founding date.

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: What is the most important thing you are working on right now and how will it succeed?

mikan: We are currently in the final stages of our product development and are ready to start the test phase. The most important thing now is that we get good insights from the tests and can improve the software further. We can’t wait to finally go live! We are very optimistic and full of anticipation because we have good partners at our side who have built this product solidly together with us. Special thanks go to the team at CodeCamp:N, who have rewarded us for our trust in home-grown development and are passionate and energetic about it.

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: What makes you get up in the morning?

mikan: There is no day like the other. There are always new developments or challenges. That makes it particularly interesting and exciting, and so far we have fortunately been able to manage everything quite well. It’s nice to see your idea taking shape and becoming reality. We also continue meeting great people who give us new and important impulses for our startup. We learn a lot, it’s fun, and we also enjoy seeing each other. 🙂

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: What kind of person do you need to be in order to be successful in this field??

mikan: We believe that everyone will be successful if they have a real passion for something. With us, each individual is very different – but that is exactly what complements us.

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: What had inspired you to found your startup?

What had inspired you to found the start-up?

mikan: The idea was born during the Corona pandemic, when circumstances drove many workers into home offices, offices and restaurants were empty and the catering industry was going through a very difficult time. It was quickly realized that working from home is more than just an emergency solution. On the contrary, this flexibility is establishing itself sustainably in the world of work. For NewWork we need NewLunch solutions!

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: What do you plan to do with the 200,000 euros?

mikan: The money will be invested in the further development of our product. We want to master the test phase well and complete the product so that we can soon be represented in other regions. To begin with, we will start with the first pilot customers in Aalen. Not long after, we will also launch in Erlangen. These two cities are not only ideal as test markets, but the founders are also established there.

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: How has working with Campus Founders helped you in reaching this milestone?

mikan: We have been able to benefit from Campus Founders’ treasure trove of valuable network, experience and expertise. Especially the support in financing, communication with banks, business development and the large network makes Campus Founders a great partner for us.

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: Where do you see yourselves in five years?

mikan: In 5 years, mikan will be used throughout Germany and will be the new standard for food stamps. In addition, our product will have developed sensibly according to the requirements of the users. Many further developments are possible and conceivable – we still have some ideas that we would like to implement. Our team, the network and our partners will always be involved through all the passion and support in our search for the next development stage.

CAMPUS FOUNDERS: What are you currently looking for the most, how can outsiders/interested parties currently support you?

mikan: We are still looking for companies and restaurateurs who support us in the early stages and improve the product together with us. Valuable partnerships are always interesting for us. As soon as we go live in August, we look forward to any feedback.