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Batch #4

Kick Off: September 25, 2020


What can you expect?

Do you have an idea for a business model or an innovative product and are convinced that you can realize your idea? Perfect!

Take part in our EMPOWER|2|XPLORE program to experience a first rendezvous with reality. We enable you to work on your problem solution in our 12-week program and accompany you with experienced coaches.

We offer you knowledge, methods and tools to identify your problems and customers and develop first solutions. 

We will do a first reality check of your idea / your product and work together on the foundation of your startup.

In order to get to know you and your idea better, we would be pleased to receive a short video that meets the following criteria:

> Maximum duration: 3 minutes


> Contents:

>> Presentation of the idea / the product

>> Presentation of the target group or the target market

>> Team introduction


> The following questions should help you with the creation of the pitch video:


> Presentation of the idea / the product:

>> What is your idea / product in general?

>> Which functions / characteristics does the idea / product have?

>> Who benefits from your idea?


> Presentation of the target group or the target market:

>> Who else but your defined target group would benefit from your idea / product?

>> Who are the competitors of your idea / your product?

>> Why do you see the mentioned companies / organisations as competitors?


> Team introduction:

>> Which characters and abilities are in your team?

>> What makes you a team?

The Timeline

FR, 25.09.20 / 18:00 -21:00

Kick-off – Frame your challenge

  • Welcome
  • Tool intro
  • Creative Confidence
  • Campus Founders principles
  • Identify & frame your challenge
  • Problem Scoping
SA, 26.09.20 / 09:00 - 17:00

Find a Venture Opportunity

  • Identify and frame your challenge
  • Team Canvas
  • Problem Scoping
  • System / Stakeholder Map
  • Persona Creation
  • Problem Journey Mapping
MI, 30.09.20 / 18:00 - 21:00


  • Interviews and other techniques
  • Research plan
MI, 07.10.20 / 18:00 - 21:00

Unpacking research

  • Update systems map
  • Update personas
  • Update problem journey
MI, 14.10.20 / 18:00 - 21:00

Introduction Customer Profile + Problem Statement

  • Customer profile
  • Define Problem Statement
  • Validation board
  • Experiment design
MI, 21.10.20 / 18:00 - 21:00

Solution design

  • Value map
  • Ideation techniques
MI, 28.10.20 / 18:00 - 21:00


  • Prototyping methodoligies
  • Validation card
FR, 30.10.20 / 18:00 - 21:00

Define your experiment

  • Defining hypotheses
  • Design experiments
MI, 04.11.20 / 18:00 - 21:00

Individual Coaching

  • Review actual challenges
  • Creating roadmap for further activities
MI, 11.11.20 / 18:00 - 21:00

Problem-Solution Fit

  • Customer Profile
  • Value map
  • Value proposition
MI, 18.11.20 / 18:00 - 21:00

Lean Canvas

  • Lean startup cycle
  • Lean canvas
MI, 25.11.20 / 18:00 - 21:00


  • Storyline & Storytelling
  • Communication & presentation skills + body language
  • Visuals & tools


FR, 11.12.20 / 17:30 - 22:00

Final & Graduation

  • Public Pitches
  • Individual Feedback
  • Get Together

Why should you participate?

You want to found your own startup? We will guide you through the first steps.

We provide the methodical basis, but the success of your startup is in your hands.

After the successful completion of EMPOWER|2|XPLORE you have acquired the following:

  • Ideation methods to stimulate creativity and recognize business opportunities
  • Understanding and applying Design Thinking
  • Needfinding

Things that are good to know!

When can I apply?

You can apply now until 6th September 2020.

Will I be supported by the coaches?

We offer you a large network of experienced and dedicated coaches.

Each team will have a coach at its side.

You have no idea of your own?

The program EMPOWER|2|XPLORE is about the further development of your idea.

If you don’t have an idea yet, but are still interested in the methods around Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Open Innovation, then we have the right programs for you!
Have a look around our website and find inspiration formats like the Corpoate Campus Weekend or our 12-week program Corporate Campus Challenge. Here you can try yourself on real problems of companies and who knows – maybe YOUR idea will emerge?

You have your own idea?

If you are standing 100% behind your idea and can hardly wait to develop and advance it, then this program is the right place for you!

If you still doubt whether your idea has a future or if you have any other questions, please contact us in advance. You can find the contact here on the page.

You have a business idea and find out that it doesn't work?

Sometimes business ideas do not work as planned. Don’t panic! This is normal and absolutely no reason to give up! If your idea has a future from your point of view, then we will find out together in EMPOWER|2|XPLORE how it can work.

Be open, get feedback and get fully involved in the program – this is how co-creation works.

If you have strong doubts, please contact us before you apply.

What will happen between the meetings?

In between the workshops, the focus is on putting what has been learned into practice. You have to organize yourself in your team: When do you meet? How do you exchange data? Who takes over which tasks? You have to apply the insights from the workshop weekends and meetups to validate your idea! Interviews, talks, surveys… Let’s get this done. And best of all – we offer you and your team a nice workplace in our new Campus Lab. Here you can be creative and try yourself – bring your idea forward together and under best conditions!

What will happen during the workshops?

In the workshops you will get to know valuable methods and learn how you can continue working independently on your idea. Our team will teach you the right skills and will be available to you and your team at any time.

On our online platform we provide you with the material and you can acquire knowledge and skills with further information.

But your focus should be on the time between the workshops: Bring your idea forward, put what you have learned into practice and go full throttle so that your baby can grow.

The workshops will be in English.

What happens on the Graduation Day?

The Graduation Day is the final event of EMPOWER|2|XPLORE. Before you go on stage for your final pitch, we will make sure that you are ready for it and have a convincing pitch deck. We invite our startup community and you can expect direct feedback from our community!

What comes after the E2X program?

Very simple: It depends on you! Everything is possible!
We recommend that you talk to your team members before Pitch Day to clarify everyone’s expectations: Who is interested in what? Who wants to continue? Although we want all participants to discover their startup DNA, experience shows that not everyone wants to continue. If you want to continue, we will inform you about further steps.

In any case, you will be accepted into our alumni network and thus remain part of the Campus Founders community.

How much time should I plan?

We expect 100% participation in the meetings. However, the actual work takes place between meetings and is equally important. Prepare for twelve intensive weeks, during which you will have to invest several hours per week.

In the end it depends on your power, which you put into your idea, your business!

It’s up to you!

You have more questions? Let's get in contact!


Do you have questions about the program?

Just write a message to Benni and discuss the next steps.

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