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Become a Coach and Trainer that makes entrepreneurs and startups succeed.

Apply now for the next batch of EMPOWER|2|COACH and become a Campus Founders Trainer or Coach in only one semester. Learn from experienced mentors and be part of a great experts network that is constantly growing. Are you with us?

We care about our Coaches & Trainers

  • As the most important multipliers of our mindset and our entrepreneurial philosophy, our future coaches and trainers can expect a high quality and practical training. You are our greatest asset so you will be trained by experienced experts who can answer all your questions and support you on your journey.

  • We believe in the inverted classroom principle. You will receive the necessary theoretical knowledge but more importantly get the chance to work in real workshops with real teams on real challenges.

  • Our knowledge pool of working methods and innovative skills is tremendous. We want to share our coaching style and our experience on how to prepare and deliver trainings with you and make you the next Campus Founders Coach and Trainer.
Choose your track(s)

Do you see yourself as a Trainer or Design Thinking coach or a Startup coach?
We are offering three different tracks in the Empower2Coach program. Checkout the different tracks and apply for one or more tracks to enhance your expertise.

Trainer Track

Are you excited to share and transfer your knowledge to others as a trainer?

Design thinking coach track

Do you want to guide innovative project teams to help them reach their maximum potential?

Startup Coach Track

Are you looking forward to work with startup teams to support them to conceptualize their idea and also to build a strong  successful team? 

Empower2Coach is a meticulously designed coaching program by Campus Founders that enriches your coaching capabilities and skills tremendously. I was always keen on developing my skills as a coach further but never found the place to not only further learn but to also put my skills to test. Thanks to Empower2Coach by Campus Founders, I had the perfect opportunity to muster all the required knowledge and tools I needed to progress as a coach, but also had numerous opportunities along the course of the program to shadow a senior coach and pick on some extra skills. This program led me to continue my journey with Campus Founders as a design thinking and business coach


- Design Thinking & Business Coach

The Empower2Coach program was very valuable for me. Even if I already had experience in Coaching I could learn a lot of new methods especially regarding innovation processes and team development. I liked the hybrid format of the program which made the participation very flexible for me. Both remote and onsite sessions were well organized with good learning content. I also did not expect to meet so many interesting and inspiring people. Through this program I got to know about the program Corporate Campus Challenge from Campus Founders in which I got the opportunity to be a CF coach . I can definitely recommend the program for both : people with and without coaching experience


- Co-Founder & Coach

If you want to inspire people, unlock their potentials and maximize their performance all while growing yourself, then I highly recommend joining the E2C program! The program's unique structure and interactive workshops helped me to develop my training & coaching proficiencies. Also, the hands-on approach was especially valuable since I got the chance to shadow other expert coaches during their coaching sessions and exchange with them. I also got the chance to meet and work with exceptional experts during E2C and expanded my professional network. Finally, after successfully graduating from E2C I had the opportunity to coach several teams from different programs at Campus Founders which helped me to further sharpen my coaching skills.


Student at TUM

Our coaches do not have a specific background and therefore you are welcome to apply no matter what your background or skills are. We are looking for people who are passionate about coaching and who enjoys to impart their knowledge to others as a trainer. To apply you need to be 18+ years old.
The deadline for the application is March 27th 2022
When filling out the application form please select the option ‘I am not sure of the track’. We will contact you after analysing your motivation and passion that you have mentioned in your application form and suggest a suitable track for you!
You are free to select more than one track that you are passionate about. But you can successfully graduate from a track only if you have attended all the mandatory modules of a track. Please check the details about the different modules offered and the respective timeline under each track
Absolut‎ely! We will provide you with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in each track of the Empower2Coach program.

Click “APPLY NOW” button so that  you can send us your application.

We are looking for great motivation and couriosity in our coaches. Tell us about your motivation and what made you apply for this program and the specific track(s) you have chosen. We accept everyone who is motivated and eager to learn, unfortunately right now we have a limited amount of places, so don’t wait to long.
It’s free of charge 🙂
The program will be offered in a Hybrid format. This means you can attend some sessions on-site at our Campus Lab in Heilbronn. Nevertheless, you can also attend them virtually if you cannot be on-site. Please check the timeline under each track to see which of the modules will be offered completely virtual and which of the modules will be offered in a Hybrid format
The program is offered in English – we are a diverse and an international team. We would like to have our coaches and trainers as well come from all over the world.
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