Guiding Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Explore Campus Founders' suite of programs designed to accelerate your startup’s journey from concept to marketplace.

Explore & Start

Make your first steps in to the entrepreneurial world and start working on your business idea. Get to know the tools and frameworks that help you fine-tune and develop your concept.

Your Milestone:

You learned how to develop a clear and refined idea or concept.

Build & Validate 

Bring your idea to the next level. We show you how to build a prototype / initial product release (IPR) and quickly integrate first customer feedback. Validate your assumptions and the fundamentals of your business model. 

Your Milestone: 
You know how to reach problem-solution-fit with a product or prototype.


Build & Validate

IncubatorFounder Scholarship

Enter Market & Execute

Bring your „product-to-market“: You have proven problem-solution-fit - now you need traction. Gain insights about how to sell and implement your solution at real customers and develop the necessary speed in execution in order to grow.

Your Milestone: 
You are able to prove product-market-fit and get traction through POCs or first customers.

Grow & Scale

It’s the time to set up your team and processes to achieve repeatability and scaleability of your business model. You want to know how to pitch and get in front of investors and corporates that are relevant for your venture stage. Learn from experts and mentors and apply what you have learned..

Your Milestone: 
You are ready to sustainably scale your venture and face investors.

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