Celekohr – AI Founders Chat

Celekohr is on a mission to transform the building plan conversion process. Their goal is to seamlessly generate 3D models in the desired format with just one click, by using AI technology. As part of the AI Founders program, Celekohr aims to complete their minimum viable product and initiate customer testing and validation during the 3-month program.

What specific challenges or pain points in the industry motivated you to create a solution for automated building plan conversion?

We were motivated by the general question of why computers cannot read hand drawings and technical plans such as house plans and construction drawings in the same way that designers, engineers or energy consultants can. As we talked to architects, engineers and other professionals facing this kind of problems, we learned that there is a great need in the industry. At the moment our customers redraw the floor plans by hand what is time and cost consuming. We can automate the whole process and make it so easier to use also for customers that are no technical experts.

Can you explain the technology or methodologies your startup uses to automate the conversion of building plans, and how it differentiates from traditional methods?

Simply put, we have trained a neural network to detect objects from the plans. The big advantage of neural networks is that they react very robustly to disturbances such as folds, different lighting conditions or dust. With the right data set we can understand all kind of technical plans from house plans to technical planes of machines.

How do you see the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future of your industry?

AI will always play a role when we want to get ideas or general signals such as images from the real world into the machine world. This translation is always very faulty, noisy and incomplete. At least for a computer. Algorithms cannot make these kinds of abstractions or decisions, which is why AI will always be necessary in all Industry.

As part of the AI founders program, what are your expectations and desired achievements?

We want to use the time to finish building our minimum viable product and have the first customers testing and validating the process. We are also currently looking for follow-up financing for 2024.