Esko.AI – AI Founders Chat

Esko.AI joined the AI Founders program at Campus Founders to bring their solution to the next level. The team is developing an AI-driven customer experience solution uniquely tailored for hands-on leaders, simplifying tasks often reserved for dedicated customer experience managers. Now,
they are sharing their story with our community, empowering other founders with their knowledge gained through their journey and explaining why they chose to be part of AI Founders.

• According to online available data, it takes a startup an average of two to three years to get to the break-even point. How long did it take for Esko.AI, and what are the main lessons learned?

Starting in 2017 and launching Esko.AI in 2018, we reached our break- even in 2021 after three years of operation. This was a pivotal moment that validated our decision not to improve our old products but to reinvent Esko.AI with the latest technology. The crucial lesson was the effectiveness of making strategic decisions when the team is aligned and supportive. Such decisions, though risky, can lead to significant rewards and set the stage for future success.

• Reaching break-even is a significant milestone, but sustaining profitability is equally important. What steps have you taken to ensure continued financial stability and growth?

We’re on the verge of profitability, having identified our product-market fit. Our strategy is to refine our sales practices, targeting our validated market niche effectively. With our projections, we plan to double revenue in the next 18 months while keeping expenses stable.

• How has reaching the break-even point influenced your future growth strategies and business planning? What’s next for Esko.AI?

Achieving break-even has guided us to refine our growth strategies. We’re now channeling our efforts into a specific innovation project that’s targeting a well-defined market segment with a B2B SaaS model. The goal is to leverage AI for more affordable analytics, addressing the needs of this segment effectively. This strategy is a deliberate step towards growing our presence in the market while providing value to our customers.

• As a startup working in the field of AI, what excites you the most about the potential of AI in the field of customer feedback analysis and the impact it can have on it?

The potential of AI in customer feedback analysis is significant, especially for business leaders seeking efficient ways to manage customer experiences. AI’s ability to rapidly process data and uncover insights is transforming how companies approach this task. Our demonstrations of AI
capabilities have generated interest as they have shown to deliver more thorough analyses faster than traditional methods. This positions Esko.AI as an innovator in providing smart AI solutions for customer feedback management.

• From Finland to Heilbronn, why did you choose the AI Founders program?

Having achieved the product-market fit in our region with an Enterprise business model, we’re now working towards launching a B2B SaaS model. Recognizing the need for isolation from daily routines to progress, we were fortunate to be accepted into the AI Founders program. The program peaked our interest due to its focus on fostering collaboration among like-minded peers dedicated to AI-driven innovation, a strong support system, and the exciting prospect of being part of the future AI hub of Europe. Lastly to put a cherry on top, we get to cohabitate with our peers.