NTV Startup News – Oliver’s Column

Newstime – Oliver, CEO of Campus Founders, comments regularly on the NTV Startup News Channel on the latest news from the startup scene. You can watch it here and of course also on www.n-tv.de/wirtschaft/wirtschaft_startup/

Episode #2 – I believe in Zebras

In this episode of  #Startup #News for ntvNachrichten I share with you, why a herd of Zebras is the best way to create sustainable ecosystems. 

From my point-of-view, we should all focus on startups with purpose, so-called Zebras. Zebras are a new type of startups, which are really different from unicorns. They are black and white. On the one hand, they are economically successful, on the other, they improve our society. They create a win-win-situations with their value-driven founders. We, the Campus Founders, support the zebra movement and impact-driven founders in Europe.

We also believe that Zebras are more compatible with traditional german companies.  With their value-driven and sustainable approach, Zebras can better fit with the german Mittelstand than unicorns.

Episode #1 – These times are a challenge for Silicon Valley

In this episode of #Startup #News, I share my impressions from Silicon Valley and the opportunity the crisis provides – for startups but also for Germany.

About the author:

Oliver Hanisch is a versatile and passionate serial-entrepreneur with a global perspective. Oliver co-founded German Accelerator and German Silicon Valley Innovators, and represented the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia in Silicon Valley. He has been building bridges between Europe and the U.S. for more than a decade and made a name for himself as a proven insider of startup ecosystems. After 14 in Silicon Valley, Oliver recently took over the CEO role of Campus Founders gGmbH in Heilbronn, Germany, with the objective of training the next generation of entrepreneurs and developing an entrepreneurship and innovation center of international recognition.