Startup Markt-Pilot wins the CyberOne Hightech Award 2020

“Markt-Pilot” is the best startup in Baden-Württemberg: The member of the Campus Founders wins the CyberOne Hightech Award

Heilbronn, October 2, 2020 – The Campus Founders in Heilbronn are delighted to announce that the high-tech startup Markt-Pilot has won the CyberOne Hightech Award Baden-Württemberg 2020 in the ICT (information and communication technology) category. The CyberOne Hightech Award is considered the most important competition for innovative startups in Baden-Württemberg.

The idea for the Startup Markt-Pilot has been around since 2016, and the innovative startup from Esslingen is taking on a special problem: In the spare parts business of mechanical engineering companies there is no transparency regarding spare parts prices of competitors (manufacturers, dealers, and online platforms) in the market. This is where Markt-Pilot comes in and solves this problem: The software creates unique and complete transparency on prices and delivery times of all spare parts in the machine-building industry. And it does so worldwide, up-to-date and sustainable.

Tobias Rieker, Managing Director & Co-Founder Markt-Pilot:  

“For us, the award is an important and at the same time unexpected milestone for our young company. We have found a niche that the market urgently needs. There is currently no other company that can create this transparency. Now we want to use this advantage not only in southern Germany, the world’s top hotspot for mechanical engineering companies but also worldwide. We also want to bring the technologies that we have been working hard to develop over the last three years to the USA, Japan, and other core markets in Europe.”

The prize was awarded at the High-Tech Summit 2020, the annual highlight of the scene and summit meeting of representatives from business, politics, and technology research. The 12-strong Markt-Pilot team around founder Tobias Rieker was thrilled to receive the award in Karlsruhe. This year, the Summit took place as a hybrid event throughout Baden-Württemberg, including Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, and Constance.

Oliver Hanisch, CEO Campus Founders:

“We want to create a spirit of optimism in the region and in Germany. We need more courage for entrepreneurship. With Markt-Pilot we have a great role model, with well-deserved recognition of importance. The team around Tobias does great work every day and we are proud to accompany them on their entrepreneurial journey as a member of our startup community. We are confident that many more teams will make the leap into the market and perhaps win awards again”.

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The startup Markt-Pilot and its team is a member of the Campus Founders startup community. The young startup benefits from offered workshops and coaching sessions. The team around Tobias Rieker also use the Campus Founders’ Campus Lab for networking: They not only have contact with startups and other founders but also have the chance to network with established companies in the region. For example, the startup already cooperates with the Heilbronn-based family business ILLIG Maschinenbau. Karl Schäuble, managing director of ILLIG GmbH & Co. KG, compliments: “With Markt-Pilot we now have spare parts prices in line with the market. ILLIG internally, Markt-Pilot is the most successful project. No other project has a comparable or comparably measurable ROI”.

Like the startup Markt-Pilot, the Campus Founders accompany young founders on their entrepreneurial journey. Interested founders and young startup teams are provided with practical knowledge about the founding, advanced methods for developing and validating innovative ideas, and an international network of partners and mentors. Through this commitment, the Campus Founders develop a startup ecosystem in the Heilbronn-Franken region.

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