Venture Studio Application

Startup Criteria: We are looking for B2B startups with teams who value mentorship, where at least one founder has a strong technical background or industry experience.

Money + Mentoring: Apply now to join the Venture Studio

Curious about our process?
Ideal Startup Profile


• Energetic, driven, success oriented
• Committed, dedicated, tenacious
• Collaborative, appreciative, learning orientated

Product / Technology

• New, fresh, differentiated
• Relevant, impactful, sustainable
• Protectable, patentable, hard to duplicate

Market / Customers

• Real revenue opportunity/ real market potential
• In-trend or beginning of trend in market
• A path from early adopters to mainstream

Structure Stage

• Early, production-ready phase
• Milestone or M&A
• Simple cap-table with reasonable valuation

You’ll need 2 things to complete your application

An investor-focused pitch deck
Click here to learn about the key elements of a pitch deck and download our template

A 2-3 minute intro video
Watch a short explaination of what we are looking for here, along with an example.

Minumum program requirements

You can commit to being an active member of the Heilbronn startup ecosystem.

You can participate in person for key events and training sessions.

You are looking for mentorship, not just money.

You have at least 2 founders in the team, ready to go fulltime with funding.