Community Study Tour to Hinterland of Things 2020.

What does a community live on? What is special about a community? Common interests and common passion!

This is the basis on which we build our community. It consists of actors from the ecosystem entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation in the Heilbronn-Franken region. However, a community does not only live from the exchange among each other, but also from the possibility to exchange ideas with versatile actors in the ecosystem. A conference like the Hinterland-of-Things in Bielefeld gave us the opportunity to create this platform for exchange with other actors.

What was special about this trip, however, was not only the joint visit of the conference but rather the joint journey from Heilbronn: During the bus trip, our colorful mixture of startup founders, corporations, investors and students had the opportunity to exchange ideas in a variety of ways. The shared meals were used for networking or getting to know each other.

Chilling at the Hotel
Thomas Waldmann – Würth Elektronik
Marina talking to Céline Flores Willers

A community lives from such a Peer2Peer-Network and through co-innovation and networking not only new connections are created but also a basis for further development.

Robert Tietze – Lauda Dr. R. Wobser

We believe that a trip like this is a great opportunity for exchange among each other and with other ecosystem actors. That’s why Campus Founders promotes community study tours such as the Hinterland-of-Things.

This tour was just the beginning – more are planned for this year.