Meet our Founders — Yue Wu from Rocket Tutor takes on the challenge to innovate our education system with AI technology

What’s your company doing in one sentence?
Rocket Tutor uses AI to automate learning and teaching, so all students can achieve the best learning in a personalized way.

“The world needs 69 million new teachers to guarantee basic education for everyone.”

Tell us more about yourself, your co-founders and your team.
We are Komaldeep, Lionel and Yue. We are a mixed team from different backgrounds and countries, but we have all lived the same pain points as students and tutors. With first-hand insight and all the necessary technical know-how, we want to bring today’s manual learning and teaching to the era of personalized education.

What was your motivation for starting Rocket Tutor? Tell us about your journey so far.
The world needs 69 million new teachers to guarantee basic education for everyone. To provide personalized education for everyone, we need to clone every teacher 20 times, which is almost impossible.

Our smart AI tutor can analyze every mistake of the students and find out all gaps in their knowledge. Therefore, we can personalize a student’s learning experience with an individual learning plan, filled with suitable exercises and explanation. With the student’s permission, a teacher can also join the learning and utilize the learning insight for digital-enhanced-teaching.

Starting with high school math learning in Bavaria and we want to create a personalized learning solution for every subject and everyone in the world.

When will you say “Yes” to achieve your goals and when will you say “No” to achieve them?
We have achieved our goal when every student gets the personalized learning support they need. Our solution seeks to help create a world where personalized education is accessible for everyone.



What is the most important thing you are working on right now and how will it succeed?
With the first 3000 users, tons of activity and first financing, our biggest task is to find out how we can monetize our solution while not creating an access barrier for our student users.

We are testing a Freemium model, where all essential features remain free. The monetization will be done through premium features that can make the learning experience easier and more fun.


“Our solution seeks to help create a world where personalized education is accessible for everyone.”

What was your biggest challenge so far as a founder?
It is a huge challenge to find solutions for highly complex problems while having limited time and resources. We need to find a creative way, and sometimes we make compromises, so we can create the most value for our student users. 



What are you the proudest of so far?
We are really proud of the number of students and teachers we have helped and how quickly we have achieved this. Now we are expanding to Nordrhein-Westfalen, Baden-Württemberg and soon the whole of Germany and beyond.

Why did you decide for Campus Founders and our Venture Studio?
Campus Founders and Rocket Tutor have the common goal of creating a better world. We see the important role of education in our society and how the challenges in our education system can only be solved by innovative technology.  

About Rocket Tutor
Rocket Tutor  is using AI to provide unlimited personalized education for everyone!