How strong B2C marketing works with little money

Author: Tim Lampe || Source: Startup || Date: May 06th, 2021 Startup founding made easy: Here’s how to do strong B2C marketing on a shoestring budget. “Our product is so rad, it sells on word of mouth alone.” How often have I heard this sentence. And how often have I contradicted it: To grow […]

Innovation is a team game – Interview with Helmut Schönenberger

In our new interview, we had the pleasure of talking to Prof. Dr. Helmut Schönenberger. He is “Vice President Entrepreneurship” at the Technische Universität München and a real thought leader in the fields of startups, ecosystems and innovation. We thank him for his forward-looking words, which are also reflected in the vision and philosophy of […]

Germany needs female founders!

Germany needs female founders!  In our current interview, it is clear to see: above all, there is a lack of female founders in the market, but we are convinced that EVERYONE can learn to act like an entrepreneur. Here you will discover what motivated Sandra Westermann (founder of to take this path and what […]

Hack the Craftsmen’s Quests – Review

Innovation, technologies and collaborations are important elements to the future of trades. In our recent collaboration with the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute, named Hack the Craftsmen’s Quest, we brought together precisely these components. The question at hand was how to support industries and skilled tradespeople with their challenges and the answer quickly became clear: innovative working […]

Interview with Dr. Alex von Frankenberg

Campus Founders? Local support is crucial for the success of the startup scene! Dr. Alex von Frankenberg is Managing Director of High-Tech Gründerfonds and has been active in the venture capital & startup environment since 2000. Alex is considered one of the most experienced and high-profile experts in venture capital and knows exactly what matters […]

Founder Alex Giesecke is convinced to change the world sustainably

On our journey through the start-up world, we meet experts from the most diverse fields time and again. They all have one thing in common: they are passionate entrepreneurs and know what moves and drives the startups of this world. Today we introduce Alexander Giesecke to you. He is CEO and founder of simpleclub. He […]

Tilo Bonow is interviewed by Campus Founders

On our journey through the startup world, we meet experts from the most diverse fields. They all have one thing in common: they are passionate entrepreneurs and know what moves and drives the startups of this world. Whether they are investors, business angels or even founders themselves – every interview enriches the view of the […]

Success Story of Markt-Pilot

Recently Tobias Rieker, founder of Markt-Pilot, and his team won the CyberOne Hightech Award Baden-Württemberg – congratulations once again! Markt-Pilot is a Campus Founders member. From time to time the team joins us at our Campus Lab to work. We are happy that Tobi, as a successful founder, has the openness to share his success […]

“Covid-19 as a chance for change”

Jens Horstmann, Founder & MD Crestlight Venture Productions and based in Silion Valley. Tim, our Lead Program Manager, conducted the interview with Jens and discovered that they both studied at the TU Braunschweig and then moved to Silicon Valley. But why are people drawn to Silicon Valley?People need to be inspired and have the chance […]