OpenGrant – AI Founders Chat

Embarking on a transformative journey, OpenGrant transitioned from Poland to Germany to seize the opportunity to participate in the AI Founders program at Campus Founders. The team is developing an AI-driven proposal writing and management solution to help NGOS, SMEs, and startups acquire and manage grants 10-times faster and 5-times cheaper. Now, they are recounting […]

great2know – AI Founders Chat

great2know is an early-stage startup redefining the way organizations share, manage, and leverage their wealth of knowledge. As part of the AI Founders program by Campus Founders, great2know leverages the expertise and resources provided to accelerate the development of AI features within their product. Lydia Tran, Head of Product at great2know is now unveiling the […]

ContrarianAI – AI Founders Chat

Picture a realm enriched with a staggering 1.15 billion consumer insights meticulously gathered from social media narratives, competitor evaluations, and user interactions. ContrarianAI joined the AI Founders program to further develop their solution to not only validate but also propel product ideas to new heights by leveraging this invaluable reservoir of information. In this interview, […]

Keyward – AI Founders Chat

Keyward is a B2B SaaS Deeptech startup applying AI in engineering, currently focusing on the automotive and aerospace industry. Back in October, Keyward joined the AI Founders program to help them bring their novel data management platform to another level. As part of this interview, Keyward is sharing their insights into achieving product-market fit, the […]

AmberSearch – AI Founders Chat

Have you ever found yourself investing excessive amounts of time searching for crucial information within your organization? One-third of us dedicate anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes every single time we search for the right information within our company. AmberSearch wants to change this with an intelligent and multimedia enterprise search engine. As a participant […]

Celekohr – AI Founders Chat

Celekohr is on a mission to transform the building plan conversion process. Their goal is to seamlessly generate 3D models in the desired format with just one click, by using AI technology. As part of the AI Founders program, Celekohr aims to complete their minimum viable product and initiate customer testing and validation during the […]

Sylby – AI Founders Chat

Sylby joined the AI Founders program to help them establish a significant presence in the language learning space, as they leverage cutting-edge AI technology and logopedic techniques to provide real-time, personalized feedback to language learners. We talked to them about their journey and how they transformed Sylby from an idea to a real product. How […]

Esko.AI – AI Founders Chat

Esko.AI joined the AI Founders program at Campus Founders to bring their solution to the next level. The team is developing an AI-driven customer experience solution uniquely tailored for hands-on leaders, simplifying tasks often reserved for dedicated customer experience managers. Now, they are sharing their story with our community, empowering other founders with their knowledge […]

StrategyBridgeAI – AI Founders Chat

StrategyBridgeAI has joined our AI Founders program to further develop their offering of automated, data-driven business analysis for any company. In-depth financial analysis, industry benchmarking, comparative analytics, and recommendations for action are something that most startup owners need to deal with. That’s why we sat down with one of the co-founders of StrategyBridgeAI, Louis Flach, […]