Why Us?

Venture Studio members have access to all the benefits of the Campus Founders ecosystem, resources, and network, along with up to 100k in funding via a convertible loan. Unlike many other investment funds, our goal is “recycling” investment returns into the next generation of Venture Studio startups and keeping the program sustainable.

Apply now to join the Campus Founders Venture Studio.

What we bring to the table

Customer Connections

Funding Partners

Sustainable Growth

Streamlined Process

Get immediate access to CF Membership

Startup Space

Startup Resources

Talent Scouting



Submit an online application
Send us your investor pitch deck and a short 2-3 minute intro video.
Meet with a Venture Manager
Join an initial call to assess your application and answer any questions you might have.
Our Investment Committee
If everything checks out, we’ll invite you to an hour long meeting in Heilbronn.

Investment Committee Phase

Pitch Meeting
You'll join us in Heilbronn for a 1-hour pitch meeting with our Investment Committee and a tour of the beautiful Bildungscampus.
Comittee Respond
The investment committee will respond in a few business days with a “yes”, “no”, or “not yet” response to your application.
Term Sheet
If it’s a “yes”, we’ll create a Term Sheet LOI for both parties to sign. If it’s a “no” or “not yet”, we’ll provide detailed feedback to you.

Due Diligence Phase

Next Steps Meeting
We'll clarify which documents are needed, and give additional feedback from the investment committee.
We'll review your documents, join you for some customer calls, and address any items that come to light.
Meet to Finalize
We'll finalize the key objectives the funding will be used for, and address any outstanding items.

Launch Phase

Final Term Sheet
After all the details and objectives are defined, the final funding agreement is sent for review and signing by both parties.
We'll onboard you as a startup member as Campus Founders, celebrate your deal with some drinks, and transfer the money.
Welcome to CF Venture Studio
The real work starts! With weekly check-ins, workshops, networking, and more, we'll work together to reach the next key milestones.
The Venture StudioJourney

Applying to the Venture Studio and receiving the initial funding is only the beginning. From this point on, we’ll work closely with you to accelerate your startup.