Navigating the Terrain: Crafting Your Ideal Customer Profile for Startup Success in B2B

At the heart of every successful venture lies a deep understanding of your customers—their needs, preferences, and pain points. In this guide, we’re diving into the world of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)—the secret sauce behind effective targeting. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a startup enthusiast, mastering the art of crafting a ICP will be […]

Meet our Founders — Learn how RevoAI is empowering organizations to unleash the full business value of digital twins

What’s your company doing in one sentence?We build software that empowers organizations to unleash the business value of digital twins. Tell us more about yourself, your co-founders and your team.Our founding team consists of four people. Currently, we have split the responsibilities of RevoAI into Solutions (Products, Services), Technology (Development, Deployment), AI (Algorithm Development, Data […]

Meet our founders — How Jan Kinne from ISTARI AI is building the future of market research with artificial intelligence

What’s your company ISTARI AI doing in one sentence?Our webAI reads company-related web data, gathering up-to-date information on company activities and characteristics that could otherwise only be collected by humans through painstaking manual research. Tell us more about yourself, your co-founders and your team.My co-founder David and I started ISTARI.AI based on our PhD research […]

Key elements of an investor pitch deck

Convincing an investor to give you money is never easy, especially for an early-stage startup with little experience. Too often, founders erroneously think that they need to show a “better” product than the other products on the market. Worse, they assume that it’s all about the “quality” of a presentation and not the content (it’s […]