Meet our Founders — Learn how RevoAI is empowering organizations to unleash the full business value of digital twins

What’s your company doing in one sentence?We build software that empowers organizations to unleash the business value of digital twins. Tell us more about yourself, your co-founders and your team.Our founding team consists of four people. Currently, we have split the responsibilities of RevoAI into Solutions (Products, Services), Technology (Development, Deployment), AI (Algorithm Development, Data […]

Interview Marcus Merheim

German companies are suffering from an enormous shortage of skilled workers. What role can employer branding play here? The job market has turned 180 degrees. Companies no longer get tons of applications. They have to rethink – and they do. They realize that they have to present themselves differently. Because for them, it’s no longer […]

Interview Cindy Schüller

Hello Cindy. Your guiding principle is, “The world is made up of those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who ask what happened.” Where do you place yourself? I grew up with the message that everyone in life should make the world a little bit better. That was also my […]

Meet our founders — How Jan Kinne from ISTARI AI is building the future of market research with artificial intelligence

What’s your company ISTARI AI doing in one sentence?Our webAI reads company-related web data, gathering up-to-date information on company activities and characteristics that could otherwise only be collected by humans through painstaking manual research. Tell us more about yourself, your co-founders and your team.My co-founder David and I started ISTARI.AI based on our PhD research […]

Interview Lina Timm

How did the last year turn out for the media industry, what conclusion can be drawn? Of course, I can only speak for my specialty, innovations. In my opinion, the media landscape has become even more divided. There are those who have coped well because they have already built up innovation know-how and capacities over […]